April 2010 - Can't Stop the Movies
Can't Stop the Movies

The Wizard of Speed and Time (1988)

Danny no longer writes for Can't Stop the Movies, and can be reached at his fantastic site Pre-Code.com

Danny LIKE"Filmed around the world in a special process that is technically unexplainable!" proclaims the trailer for The Wizard of Speed and Time. "It's the kind of movie you'd make if you had nothing better to do!"

Truer words have rarely been spoken. The Wizard of Speed and Time is a lighthearted, silly, and corny foray into the problems of making your own movie your own way. In a somewhat inspired take, it's a movie about the problems of making itself.


The Show Off (1926)

Danny INDIFFERENTI read something once that postulated that silent comedies aged better than silent dramas. The idea is that the physicality of the comedy is ready and apparent, but silent drama relies on either faces (which too many silent actors took as a cue to grossly overact) or a bevy of intertitles that break up the flow of the film.

I won't dare to say this is categorically true; films like The Crowd, Sunrise, or Toll of the Sea all still hold up remarkably well. But that leads me to The Show Off, a fishy kind of film that squirms between comedy and pathos, and doesn't really succeed at either.


The Last Days of Disco (1998)

ANDREW LIKEIs this what it’s going to be like?  It’s not often that I watch a film and realize that I’m getting older.  One generation passes on, the new one takes its place and eventually each has to set up what they think are the monuments of their lifestyles.  That’s what makes a film like The Last Days of Disco so damned appealing.  It’s caught at the crossroads between the death of late 70’s culture that symbolized personal freedom (now marketing it); and the rise of yuppies, cocaine, and Reaganomics in the 80’s.


Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call, New Orleans (2009)

ANDREW LIKEThe only way I was able to approach this Bad Lieutenant remake was with extreme caution and suspicion.  The quality of most Werner Herzog films is a bit over exaggerated, Nicolas Cage hasn’t done any engaging acting in over five years, the title is incredibly unwieldy, and it’s a remake of a film that told the story of a dirty cop’s redemption in such precise detail that a remake seemed more than unnecessary – it sounded insulting.


The Swarm (1978)

Danny no longer writes for Can't Stop the Movies, and can be reached at his fantastic site Pre-Code.com

Danny DISLIKEIt's getting fairly tempting for me to add another rating on this site: Laughably Terrible. Because between Corvette Summer last week, I must admit, it's always treat to try and review these trawling messes of poor decisions.

Regardless, The Swarm is a ball of cheese to behold and cherish. The movie postulates that a swarm of Brazilian killer bees have been brought north via hurricane and that the bees are nigh unstoppable, and the movie says all of this with the straightest of faces.