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She’s Out of My League (2010)

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Andrew DISLIKEI weep for the direction this film chose.  I’m actually pretty flummoxed that it was made, because it requires such a colossal suspension of disbelief to make it work.  It’s not even so much that Kirk (Jay Baruchel) and Molly (Alice Eve) seem like an unlikely couple.  In fact, they’re great together - but the rest of the film seems content to shove in plot developments from far better movies that actually have some kind of conflict that you might deem plausible.

Unfortunately, Kirk and Molly are stuck in She’s Out Of My League.  He works at an airport and she plans parties to the tune of $50,000 a pop.  Half of that is plausible, and I’m willing to give a pass for the second.  They have a Meet Cute after his friends in the airport spend way too much time creepily gawking at her and trying to find some excuse to touch and/or disrobe the girl.  Already he scores any number of memorable nice guy points by not being a totally misogynistic pervert.

She accidentally leaves her phone at the metal detector and asks Kirk to return it later on.  It turns out that she’s taken a liking to the guy and asks him out on a date.  From this point on we are required to suspend our disbelief to such an extent that the movie fails completely.  We don't need to disbelieve they'd be attracted to each other, quite the opposite.  In the “real” world these two would go on some dates, find that they have a lot more in common than previously thought, and (perhaps) find true love and get married someday.

This is sad because the only scenes that work are the ones between Kirk and Molly.  They are both so effortlessly charming and generate a lot of wholesome charisma with each other.  It’s not the kind of clothes ripping chemistry that you might want to see, but it works really well.  The problem is that they work so well together we quickly realize that there’s no conflict if they’re perfect with each other.  Apparently, someone in the production realized this as well and decided that some unnecessary problems needed to be placed in their path.  Cue the rogue gallery of knock-off supporting characters.

Except for Kirk’s mother, played wonderfully by Debra Jo Rupp, there is not a single sane or original supporting character.  Kirk’s friends run the gamut of archetypes that you’ve already seen in American Pie, The 40-Year Old Virgin and Chasing Amy.  This wouldn’t seem so obvious if the characters weren’t cast such that they bore an uncanny resemblance to the folks in those films.  It reeks of a desperate attempt to try and give the film some kind of personality beyond the two leads, who would live a perfectly happy life without them.

Aside from the monumental problems with plotting and pacing, She’s Out of My League has some of the worst dialogue that I’ve heard all year.  Star Wars references are thrown out with little reason to think that these people would talk about such things.  Words are created that seem as though the script is trying to sound “intelligent” in the sense that it has a healthy lexical vocabulary.  Unfortunately, the words and phrases that are created include “moodle” and “towel of love”.  Then they try and pass of terms like “lay down larry” and “sticky wicket” as if they’re some kind of undiscovered gems of the English language.

The acting amongst all of the supporting characters is pretty terrible.  It’s as if no one realized that they were in a completely unoriginal hack work and decided to try and parody the characters they’re copying.  No one really gets away clean, and the only reason the mother does is because she actually tries to go for an original creation instead of a patchwork Anne Hathaway or Jonah Hill.  I like Jonah Hill, but when I am forced to describe someone as a half finished clone of him, there are more than a few issues with the acting.

It’s a pity that She’s Out of My League had to waste Alice Eve and Jay Baruchel.  There’s so much warmth and love in their relationship and it all goes to waste in so many horrible ways.  At the very least it hinted at the kind of work they’re capable of.  Small favors.

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She's Out of My League (2010)

Directed by Jim Field Smith.
Written by Sean Anders and John Morris.
Starring Jay Baruchel and Alice Eve.

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