July 2010 - Can't Stop the Movies
Can't Stop the Movies

Predators (2010)

The 1987 Predator is one of the best examples of what an “action movie” should be. Larger than life characters rippling with machismo, guns that belong on tanks rather than in human hands, and one-liners simultaneously so cheesy and so badass that they make the original Predator quite possibly the manliest film ever.


Sudden Manhattan (1997)

Danny no longer writes for Can't Stop the Movies, and can be reached at his fantastic site Pre-Code.com

Danny LIKEDonna's boyfriend turns to her. "Are you normally psychopathically delusional?"

She shrugs, "No, I'm just going through a bad stage."

And what a bad stage it is. Donna, played by the incomparable Adrienne Shelly with her mismatched eyebrows and hair, angular face, and deep soulful eyes, has had a rough time; she's unemployed, dating a man with impotence problems, and every day, walking down the street, she sees a bearded maniac gun down a  different person.

She runs to tell the police, "I saw a murder!"

"No you didn't," they respond, staring her down until she walks away.


Serious Moonlight (2009)

Danny no longer writes for Can't Stop the Movies, and can be reached at his fantastic site Pre-Code.com

Danny DISLIKEOh, the wonders of duct tape. We've all seen books, movies, TV shows, practically everyone expounds the beauty of these strips of waterproof adhesive. Rarely do these spots mention how duct tape can be used to repair marriages as well as common household appliances.

Using the duct tape to repair a marriage like in Serious Moonlight, though, would in reality result in several criminal charges, no matter how cheekily you cover it up.


Repo Men (2010)

Andrew DISLIKEI was fighting off the urge to vomit during large portions of Repo Men.  If you're the type that has some kind of fetish for throbbing, bloody meat then you might enjoy these sections.  There's one scene later on in the film that runs so thick with a BDSM sexual undercurrent, that those same folks might run off to the bathroom for an entirely separate purpose.


Batman: Under the Red Hood (2010)

As a person who is a big fan of the DC Universe, I have watched and enjoyed the animated movies that Warner Brothers have been releasing 2 or 3 times a year. Some have been very good (Wonder Woman, New Frontier), and most have been enjoyable, but the newly released Under the Red Hood is the first movie that I truly believe is a fully realized film.