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Serious Moonlight (2009)

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Danny DISLIKEOh, the wonders of duct tape. We've all seen books, movies, TV shows, practically everyone expounds the beauty of these strips of waterproof adhesive. Rarely do these spots mention how duct tape can be used to repair marriages as well as common household appliances.

Using the duct tape to repair a marriage like in Serious Moonlight, though, would in reality result in several criminal charges, no matter how cheekily you cover it up.

Serious Moonlight is the story of a philandering husband named Ian who's wife arrives at their summer home a day before she's supposed to. The wife, Louise, still finds the note he was going to leave her about him running off to Paris with his new girlfriend. Louise also finds it a good idea to strike Ian over the head and duct tape him to a chair in hopes of talking him out of his plans.

And as it starts out, Serious Moonlight isn't terrible. Meg Ryan plays Louise in a slightly nutty fashion, a demanding lawyer who suddenly finds her world about to be rocked, and Timothy Hutton is humorous as the husband who's trying to be polite but is completely confident in his decision to leave her. However, in a particularly lame and altogether easy twist, the couple soon finds themselves under siege by a handful of robbers who tie up Louise as well; soon they're trying to match wits to escape this perilous situation.

The appearance of the criminals isn't surprising, and the "twist" ending is anything but unexpected; Louise was easily capable of such things, and the way the scenes are presented handily make the audience suspicious.

Regardless, even if the twist wasn't lazy, the execution of the film after the robber's appearance transitions from mild comedy into shrewish hostage thriller. Hutton's character instantly becomes protective of his wife, and his stand off with the leader of the robbers, played by Justin Long, is mostly bitter fighting and threats, draining all the comedy and life from the piece.

The movie needed to be funnier or darker. As it is, it's a fairly insufferable disappointment with that doesn't know where it's going or what it's doing.

It's a shame how broken this film is; I don't think even duct tape could save it.

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Serious Moonlight (2009)

This movie (IMDB) is currently available on DVD and Netflix Instant.

Directed by Cheryl Hines
Starring Meg Ryan and Timothy Hutton

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