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Sweet Sugar (1972)

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Danny LIKESugar is a woman who gets into trouble no matter what she does; sure, she has sex for pay, but the payment is just icing on the cake for her.

Sugar's luck isn't so good. She's quickly arrested for prostitution of all things and shipped off to work in the sugar cane fields with a cadre of other barely clad women. A few male prisoners and horny prison guards round out the cast.

This is the story of women in various states of undress who rebel against the guards with machetes and machine guns.

There is not a bone of feminism in Sweet Sugar's body, and, uh, for the rest of the review, I shall avoid using the word "bone." Just FYI.

Sugar is played by Phyllis Davis with a surprising amount of wit and charm. She is brassy, seductive, and smart as a whip. She feels her imprisonment is unfair, moreso as the leaders of the camp begin to throw themselves at her with empty promises as her compensation. She makes friends with a few other female prisoners, including a few unlucky ones who are too dumb to say no to any chance to escape.

Sugar soon seduces a young guard during a semi-weekly bonfire that the prison camp has. While it's true that this prison camp is far more like summer camp than I'd ever expected (no canoeing, though, which is a shame), the prison is secretly run by a maniacal doctor who likes to experiment on the girls. He has a sweet ass complex that he does this from (as well as does many sweet asses in), so it's not surprising where Sugar suggests they take the night off in, half out of spite, half out of sweet assedness.

The vile doctor soon discovers them, and forces the guard to whip her in punishment. He's not a big fan of it and is shot when he begins to whip the foreman. The foreman decides that sticking the warm gun barrel down into Sugar's daisy-dukes suddenly rights all her wrongs in his book and the film continues.

Sugar, dismayed by this turn of events, soon rallies the women into various forms of rebellion, though most are quelched quickly. It's nice to think your army of women armed with machetes could be more effective, but no. The constant attempts at rebellion lead to undoubtedly one of the funniest scenes I've ever seen committed to celluloid.

Actually, that's just the highlight because the other parts that I truly loved aren't on YouTube. Special mention goes to the inspector for prisoner welfare who boldly declares his lines and drives off screen never to be heard from again.

The women eventually enlist the help of a sexy fellow prisoner who happens to also be a voodoo priest and he helps them discover the corpses of a few less fortunate prisoners; armed with the knowledge, this time, seriously, a huge rebellion, with machine guns and fires and explosions and half the cast being killed off.

As both a campy comedy, sexploitation flick, and an action packed cheesy good time, Sweet Sugar is brilliant fun, filled with everything someone could desire in a z-grade thriller. There's no bone about it!

Ah! Uh... oh.

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Sweet Sugar (1972)

This film was on YouTube, but it looks like it was taken down. Find it! See it!

Directed by Michael Levesque
Starring Phyllis Davis and Ella Edwards

Posted by Danny

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