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The 41-Year-Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt Superbad About It (2010)

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Danny DISLIKEAfter watching Vampires Suck a few weeks ago and Kick-Ass recently, I had thought I'd achieved a level of grace-like zen in assuring myself that I'd seen the worst movies that 2010 had to offer already.

Nope. Try again.

From the director of Saving Ryan's Privates and based on a YouTube video, this shitty movie with an extremely shitty title (that I'm going to avoid saying whenever possible) strives for new lows in... well, everything.

Whatever, if I can do one good thing in my life, I hope it's to convince someone not to see this movie. It's not that life is too short, but because suicide rates are already appallingly high.

A parody-- "parody"-- of Judd Apatow films, this movie decides to eschew the obvious route of making jokes and instead dives headlong in just ramping up everything already present in those films-- more pointless nudity, more gross out gags, more misogyny, and more dildos than you can shake a dildo at.

It's fairly obvious from the outset that none of those assembled have much of a sense of shame, and they exploit the boundaries of taste and humor in fairly predictable ways. Remember the scene from Slumdog Millionaire where the kid jumps into the shit-filled latrine so that he can go meet his beloved film star? Well, we have that same scene here, only this time it's McAnalovin' escaping a mob of angry Mexicans.

Okay, that might need even more of an explanation, though I hope that you believe me when I tell you that the name "McAnalovin" is the statistical outlier for clever writing in this film. No, unlike in, oh, Superbad, McAnalovin's cop friends suggest that, to get money, they murder people and take the money off the corpses. The screen has some graphics pop up including a life meter and money bar, and, just in case you didn't get the reference, one cop shouts, "It's time to go all Grand Theft Auto in here!"

I'm paraphrasing there, of course. However, McAnalovin' accidentally kills a Mexican, which means an angry mob of Mexicans will chase them down. These Mexicans are conveniently dressed in sombreros and carrying pitchforks. In case you don't find that offensive in any way, the filmmaker's aren't going to stop trying.

The problem here is that they're abusing stereotypes. There is no joke there, and even if I do draw some small consolation that half of the characters get violently murdered by an inexplicable mob of Mexicans, there's still no joke, no punchline, nothing resembling humor in this world at all.

The lines are stilted and they're delivered by half actors, half people who happened to be near the camera when filming began. Two of the lead actors in particular, the lead pseudo Steve Carrell named Andy and the pseudo Seth Rogan are both notably wretched at their roles. The lead can barely make it through a line, and generally wears the same dumb expression on his face in every scene. The Rogan guy captures his voice well enough, but acts less like he's mimicking Rogan and more like he just ate him.

And hell, I haven't even made it to the worst of it. I mentioned misogyny before, and that's a word that might get thrown out more often than some of you are comfortable with. There's a scene in this movie which involves our lead character, Andy, about to lose his virginity. He steps outside and builds up his confidence to make love to this mentally unbalanced woman who has already blindfolded and tied herself up. When he comes back in, he finds his black friend (named "Black Friend," tee hee) screwing the woman's brains out, and the woman shouting Andy's name.

That's RAPE, motherfuckers. This leads to a naked wrestling match between the two men while the woman remains none the wiser.

So like a less whimsical version of Irreversible, this movie isn't afraid of bringing up painful memories, emotional truamas, and offensive stereotypes all in the name of, well, being completely inept. The movie doesn't even achieve the same surrealistic undertones that Freddy Got Fingered or many other bottom barreled comedies seem to possess.

This movie is worse than garbage. It's pointless, ugly, vulgar garbage. And that's being nice.

If I can, I'd like to do a brief aside to c0-star Noureen DeWulf, who plays the pseudo Mila Kunis role and is probably one of my least explicable celebrity crushes.

Look, Noureen-- you've starred in this, you've starred in in The Comebacks, The Goods, and some Pulse sequels that even I didn't know existed.

You have to stop it.

You're becoming the poor man's Carmen Electra. That shouldn't be possible. No man is that poor.

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The 41-Year-Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt Superbad About It (2010)

This film fucking sucks.

Directed by Craig Moss
Starring Noureen DeWulf and Bryan Callen

Posted by Danny

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  1. McAnalovin! Wow. Classic. Won’t be putting this in my netflix queue anytime.

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