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Quick and Dirty: The Oscar Noms

Danny no longer writes for Can't Stop the Movies, and can be reached at his fantastic site Pre-Code.com

Danny COMMENTARYIt looks like it's time for Oscar season to kick off in style. The King's Speech led the nominations announced today with twelve, followed by True Grit with ten. You can read the full list of nominees here. In the meantime, for our takes on (most) of the Best Picture nominees:

The King's Speech - Probably one of the least enthusiastic positive reviews I've written; a good showcase for the actors and not much else. That Tom Hooper got nominated for a Best Directing Oscar for this is truly mind boggling.

True Grit - I was pretty 'eh' on this, but it seems to tapped into the popular conscious enough to be one of the frontrunners.

Inception - I was also pretty 'eh' on this, but I know quite a few people loved it. Moral of the story: don't let Danny review possible Best Picture nominees.

Toy Story 3 - It made Ryan swoon, Andrew skeptical, and me angry<. Probably not going to get the big prize, but will walk away with the Best Animated Feature category handily.

Winter's Bone - Andrew and Ryan drooled over this one, and it's certainly... a... movie.

The Kids Are Alright - Another movie that everyone liked but me. Anyone sensing a pattern?

The Social Network - We also spent a podcast talking about it here. I think this made (or would have made if I'd seen it beforehand) everyone's picks for the best movies of last year. Definitely the one I'm hoping that pulls it off.

127 Hours - Probably my favorite film of the bunch. It should also be amusing to see the Oscars' co-host James Franco tapdance around the fact that he also got nominated for Best Actor in this one.

Black Swan - We never got around to a full review because it frankly left us all a little cold (it was still one of Andrew's favorite movies for 2010 though), but here's our podcast talking about that very thing.

The Fighter - Ryan saw it and said the acting was great. This is the last one I've got to see, so expect a review soon, I hope.

And that's it. Oscars are on February 27th, and I'm sure our next podcast will about taking bets on the winners and losers. Stay tuned!

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