March 2011 - Can't Stop the Movies
Can't Stop the Movies

Legendary (2010)

Legendary was WWE films first shot at “serious filmmaking.”  I put that in quotation because I still can’t get my head around a company that still finds great humor in midgets trying to make a respected drama, but damn did they try with Legendary. They started out without getting too far out of their wheelhouse and made a sports drama about wrestling, although the real kind and not pro wrestling.  The story revolves around Cal Chetley, a beanpole and book smart kid who comes from a family of great wrestlers.  His father, who died 10 years before the story, and older brother Mike were both champion wresters and Cal decides if there is anything to get his fractured family back together it would be through wrestling.   His mother, Patricia Clarkson, does not agree with him and wants him to have nothing to do with his older brother.


Fair Game (2010)

Andrew INDIFFERENTIf there's one thing that pisses me off more than anything else in the political thriller game it's the righteously indignant liberal propaganda piece.  Green Zone, Nothing But The Truth, Lions for Lambs, all movies that distort things in such a crystal clear vision of black and white that they forget to be entertaining or enlightening about the subject of politics.  Fair Game, while squarely in the liberal camp, avoids most of these issues and attempts to present things with a documentary-lite flair.  It's not quite to my liking, but it may just be earth shattering to someone else.


Mesrine: Killer Instinct (2010)

ANDREW LIKEKiller Instinct is the kind of movie that emits a ferocious hum of sex and violence.  It's absolutely fearless in the way it depicts the carnal urges and violent impulses of it's focus, the famous French revolutionary/murderer/author/lover/sadist Jacques Mesrine.  The direction by Jean Francois-Richet is impressive, but the casting of Vincent Cassell in the lead was a masterstroke.  His brand of charm could be slimy but has been absolutely fearless and unsettling in the right roles and this is a killer role for him.


Knucklehead (2010)

WWE Films you have been making your own version of B-films for five years now and I can proudly say I have seen most of your library.  Like many people with their “beach reads” I can sometimes enjoy the schlocky, poorly made and the badly acted films for what they are.  So I have seen and enjoyed The Marine, Behind Enemy Lines: Columbia, 12 Rounds and The Condemned. None of these movies will ever be talked about in 50 years as groundbreaking cinema but if you are in the right state of mind it isn’t a bad way to spend 90 minutes.

Then the WWE changed its whole approach to all of their products and decided to go in a family friendly way.  Gone were the movies where John Cena has to jump off an exploding wooden dock because someone shot it (we all no that wooden docks are all volatile and only took a gentle scratch to erupt like Mt. Vesuvius). And Stone Cold is dispatching thugs in a halfhearted copy of The Running Man. They are replaced by cuddly family comedies and dramas that everyone from grandma to little Billy can watch.  I was not a fan on this change because I love my cheese!  At least that is what I thought.  When I started watching these films I found out that they were not as bad as one would expect.


All Good Things (2010)

Andrew INDIFFERENTWhile struggling to come up with some kind of message or genuine underlying subtext layered throughout All Good Things I kept coming back to the same blank expression that David Marks (Ryan Gosling) wears.  We're never given any conclusions as to his psychological trauma or why he is so bipolar when it comes to his wife Katie (Kirsten Dunst).  Sure there are hints, but on David sits with the same placid expression, day in - day out, and I slowly grow more bored with him.