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Knucklehead (2010)

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WWE Films you have been making your own version of B-films for five years now and I can proudly say I have seen most of your library.  Like many people with their “beach reads” I can sometimes enjoy the schlocky, poorly made and the badly acted films for what they are.  So I have seen and enjoyed The Marine, Behind Enemy Lines: Columbia, 12 Rounds and The Condemned. None of these movies will ever be talked about in 50 years as groundbreaking cinema but if you are in the right state of mind it isn’t a bad way to spend 90 minutes.

Then the WWE changed its whole approach to all of their products and decided to go in a family friendly way.  Gone were the movies where John Cena has to jump off an exploding wooden dock because someone shot it (we all no that wooden docks are all volatile and only took a gentle scratch to erupt like Mt. Vesuvius). And Stone Cold is dispatching thugs in a halfhearted copy of The Running Man. They are replaced by cuddly family comedies and dramas that everyone from grandma to little Billy can watch.  I was not a fan on this change because I love my cheese!  At least that is what I thought.  When I started watching these films I found out that they were not as bad as one would expect.

The first movie on my docket was Knucklehead, a sports comedy starring Paul “The Big Show” Wight, Mark Feuerstein and a few stars that were too high on the Hollywood food chain to be in this film.  The story is simple enough, Wight plays Walter Krunk a gentle giant who was raised in an orphanage and never has left its premises or experienced life.  Even though he is a very caring and loving individual the head sister at the Orphanage, Sister Francesca (played in an non credited role by Wendi Malik) just sees the huge man-child as a nuisance. His bumbling ways cost the orphanage when he accidentally sets most of the kitchen on fire.  Since it is a golden rule of Hollywood that anytime there is an orphanage in a movie there has to be a danger of it being shutdown imminently the orphanage is told if they don’t find the money to get the place up to code it will be (you guessed it) shutdown imminently.  Thankfully at the same time MMA fight promoter Eddie Sullivan (Feuerstein) is looking for a big bruiser to win a tournament down in New Orleans, whose prize is a bunch o’ money. Hijinks ensue as Krunk, Sullivan and orphanage worker Mary (The Office’s Melona Hardin) embark on a road trip towards New Orleans.

Yes, he wrestles a bear and yes I was VERY entertained by this.

The movie is the result of throwing countless different genres of films into a blender and then filming the result.  Knucklehead is part road trip comedy, part sports movie, with a dash of heartfelt comedy, gross out gags and a smattering of a rom com.  Everything in the film is predictable has been done before better and uses gross out humor as a crutch.  The funny thing is I still somewhat enjoyed the film.  While calling the film harmless is not really a ringing endorsement the movie is not nearly as vile as many “family comedies” that are released these days (Chipmunks, I am looking directly at you).  The movie is sweet has a really good and likable performance from The Big Show and is a movie that young boys will especially like and won’t have parents counting the minutes until the end.

Come back tomorrow when I look at Legendary, another WWE family film starring John Cena.

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Knucklehead (2010)

Directed by Michael W. Watkins
Written by Bear Aderhold, Tom Sullivan and Adam Rifkin
Starring Paul "Big Show" Wight, Mark Feuerstein, Melora Hardin, and Dennis Farina.


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