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The Bounty Hunter (2010)

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Danny DISLIKEI sat down and reopened my notes that I took when I watched the recent romantic comedy-- "romantic comedy"-- The Bounty Hunter. Feeling as I do that absolutely no effort or creativity was expounded in the creation of this film, I will be using the same amount of effort for my review of this film. Have my notes. Don't watch the movie. You're welcome.

Gerard Butler is a bounty hunter

And apparently a psychopath

Characters show up to help deliver exposition

Butler is loony as fuck.

Jennifer Aniston is a serious journalist

Dunkin' Donuts! Coca Cola!

All the charm and panache of your average CBS or ABC sitcom.

One of those high paying journalism jobs that exists in never never land

Creepy stalker coworker who wears pastel sweaters and wets his pants, heeeee-larious

Aniston still has a land line?!

"Nicki may be a strong woman on the outside, but on the inside? She just wants to be loved by a man!"

Absolutely silly and completely adolescent

Aniston looks like a Gray

This is how I would look all the time if I had Jennifer Aniston's career.

Who leaves flares in their car?

Some level of catharsis

Grating score

Big time journalist writing a column "Why Fighting Parking Tickets Just Got Tougher"

Butler's attempt at an American accent is hilarious

Chemistry free!

How long does it take to get out of Atlantic City?!

I want to punch the composer in the face

Stupidest characters alive

Jason Sudeikis, guy from SNL from the last decade, usually not a good sign

Mobsters trying to fit into the story, some trying to get back on Butler's gambling debts

Take a drink for a montage

Gerard Butler comes across as more evil than charming


Drags on and on

"Stayin' Alive"

Cupid Cabin

"I say get naked and go for it!" Thanks for the great advice, mom.

God this is stupid. This movie would have ended an hour ago if not for sheer stupidity

Anyone who thought this film might have a genuine plot twist, don't worry, instead we've got gunfire. GUNFIRE.

I hope these characters end up dead in a ditch together


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