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Trailer: The Movie (1999)

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Danny DISLIKEAnother week, another film I've pulled from the bowels of Netflix. Trailer: The Movie is such a catchy name for a film that it's been used three times in the last decade. I hope they didn't keep using the same plot for each, because this one sucks on toast.

Playing as some sort of postmodern mishmash of filmmaking, Trailer starts with two men, Val and Dip, in a black and white world and attending a movie. They see a preview for a vague approximation of Thelma and Louise that name drops Jean-Luc Godard. We headily arrive at the film's first problem: Trailer: The Movie has no idea what a trailer actually looks like.

Trailer doesn't really seem to care about that, though, but it's also tough to sort out what it does care about. Thelma and Louise and Godard are just the beginning, and soon we're ricocheting from Reservoir Dogs to Scarface as Val and Dip decide to make their own film. To do so, they want to use the actresses from the movie they're watching, so they transport to the Southwest by means of cinematic magic.

There they find the two girls working in a bar who they instantly charm by conning them out of drinks and offering them roles in their movie. Any smart guy knows that that's a quick way into a woman's heart, and soon they're on a road trip, with the guys talking the girls into robbing stores while they film it.

Also, everyone does a ton of coke. IN the movie.

Trailer is a silly satire and a cumbersome tribute to the Miramax house style of the 1990's. The staples of the era, namely an old convertible, a Blockbuster card, and a bucketful of four letter words are all on full display here. To drive home the point, Dex exclaims, "It's every movie you ever saw meets every movie you ever saw!"

And since I've seen every movie I've ever seen, I can't say this one enthused me enough to enjoy watching them all over again.

Trailer: The Movie is less like a genuine satire and more like someone vomiting the the Criterion Collection all over your feet. Layered film theory jokes and reenactments of popular movie moments work when an audience is engaged and the movie is playful, but too often it just comes across as forced snobbery.

That being said, I do appreciate the work and the talent put into it. It's not easy to make a film, even one this unremarkable. It's a work of passion, starring a bunch of outsiders who just wanted to make something that they themselves would enjoy watching. And I think that's all it is.

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