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Fast Five (2011)

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I am not a person that believes in hyperbole.  I don’t say the best film of the year is in January or that a movie is a career best if the person is 30 years old.  I think I am a very rational person, and so know that I have given this statement a lot of thought when I say that Fast Five is the greatest thing that man has ever created.

Okay I might be overstating a tad but that was a fun two hours.  Starting off where the last film ended Dom (Vin Diesel) is on his way to prison for a very long time when Brian (Paul Walker) and Mia (Jordanna Brewster) break him out with a physics be damned way to crash a bus and with this the movie is off.  Thanks to Brian and Mia taking part in the breakout, they are wanted now and they all take off to south of the border to Rio.  In Rio Brian and Dom take a job boosting cars off a moving train.  The job goes south and DEA officers are killed by some of the other cronies working the caper. Dom and his merry gang end up on the wrong side of both the crime kingpin of the region (Joaquim de Almeida) and a federal agent (Dwayne Johnson) tasked to bring them in.

Fast and Furious, Butch Cassidy style.

To get enough money to run away forever and get revenge on the crime lord Dom and Brian call in some favors. All their old friends from the other films reunite for a heist that will net them $100 million.  Since the characters and film series itself has never been what can be called “low-key” a lot of things go boom, many car engines are revved loudly and half of the city is destroyed by the end of the film.

A quick disclaimer if you are a person that has to pick every single thing apart and remark that “you can’t do that” this is not the film for you.  But…. If you are a person who gets giddy at car chases, always wanted to see Vin Diesel and the Rock throw down or would get excited if a bad guy pops out of the top of a car with a Gatling gun then get to this movie ASAP.  I am a sucker for enjoyable action movies and that is exactly what Fast Five sets out to be.

A very spirited game of tag broke out right before this picture was taken.

Much of the credit for the action movie nirvana has to go to director Justin Lin who again proves with this film that he can really craft an action scene. The opening scene, the rooftop chase scene and especially the climatic car chase at the end of the film had my smiling from ear to ear. And I am not a good enough writer to explain how much I truly enjoyed the car chases in this film.  Justin Lin is a director that with each film and project he has been involved in lately has made me a bigger fan and I can’t wait to see what he will do in the future.

While Lin is a big reason why the film is such a blast the cast of the film have such a relaxed vibe in the film and fit into their roles perfectly.  The viewer can’t help but like them even if the script doesn’t give them much to do.  Vin Diesel again shows why this franchise is perfect for him by being the best thing on screen.  Dom is part cool cat and part tough guy and you believe that if anyone could do the things in this film it would be him.  Matching him badass stare to badass stare is Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson who by my estimation is 98% muscle and 100% swagger in this film.  The movie does not paint him as a boy scout and the fact that while he might have a badge doesn’t make him a saint gives him the little more oomph that the role needed.  Johnson is that one last missing ingredient that the film needed to reach maximum testosterone. Paul Walker and the rest of the cast were also enjoyable and even though the characters are from all different films gelled well together.

One big badass in this film.

So yeah to sum things up I liked this film A LOT.  The action was amazing the cast enjoyable and the fun was immense.  The last 6+ months of films for the most part have been very underwhelming and thankfully Fast Five bucks this trend and delivers everything that you could hope from a film like this.  Fast Five unofficially kicks off the summer season and if half of the movies I see the next few months are as delightful as this one we are in for one hell of a summer.

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  1. My girlie kiddo doesn’t normally lean towards this genre, but she’s begging to see this one! LOL

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