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Confession: I Love Summer Movies

I frankly don’t care if you agree with my movie tastes or not.  Back when I was younger I wanted to be the guy with the great taste in movies, the one who one could always count on to have seen the new darling indie or critical favorite.  I liked bragging about seeing all the Oscar Nominated films and was on a quest to watch all the films in Roger Ebert’s first volume of The Great Movies. Then a funny thing happened; I grew up.  I got married, had some kids, and I am working on an awesome career.  All of these responsibilities that I have now has slowly whittled away the time I have to watch films to almost nothing, and now when I have a chance to watch a film the whole way through without distractions, I don’t care about being that cool guy; I want to be entertained damn it.  That is why I am not ashamed to admit that the season I look forward to most is the summer movie season filled with special effects, explosions, and superheroes.

Taking a step back, I have to admit that I still LOVE great life-changing films, and 9 out of 10 times, my favorite films of the year will be those that strive for something greater.  I still go all nerdy for the great directors and love nothing more than a well-made movie from a writer-director.  The movies I constantly talk about and plead for people to see are going to be the Winter’s Bone variety more than the Iron Man type.  I haven’t lost my love for small films or dramas and will still see the ones I can ASAP.  The fact is that now I might see only one movie at the theatre per month and I have to make it count.

My 18-year old self would hate me because 9 out of 10 times I pick the would be blockbuster over the smaller drama, and I am part of the reason that the middle budget studio dramas that were a staple of the 70’s are quickly becoming extinct.  I feel ashamed and a tad bit dirty, but if I am going to the trouble to drop off the kids and pay for a film with the few dollars of disposable income I have, the movie better utilize the sound and screen to the best of its ability.

The summer season is built for my rationale for seeing films in the theatre, and I will probably see more in the next 3 months than I will see for the rest of the year combined.  I am going to see all the sequels, comic book adaptations, and broad comedies that I can see in the next quarter of the year and always hope for the best.  Big budget films always get a sneer and harsh judgment from “true film fans” because they aren’t going to win all the awards and are made to entertain people and make money.  How is this bad?  The Godfather, which is one of the most respected films ever made was adapted from a popular book and was created to make money.  It achieved this goal and is still seen as a great film.  Why can’t we hope for a masterpiece when we see summer films now?  Why is it that many of the summer movie pieces are written in a negative tone?  I am writing up a series right now about the number one films of the past 30 years and I have realized some things; most of these films came out in the summer, AND a lot of them have a special place in my heart.  Am I ever going to say that Jurassic Park is a better film than Goodfellas? No, Scorcese’s masterpiece is better acted, written, and even directed, yet which movie do I remember seeing for the first time more vividly?  Movies are about the whole experience; it is sight, sound, motion and EMOTION.

I have watched my share of the classic films and the classic directors and have fallen in love with many of them.  Nothing is better than a Billy Wilder film and not much can touch the feeling you get while watching the bombed out landscape of The Third Man. I can come up with a thousand of these examples. If someone was asking me if they should watch The Usual Suspects or Wanted ,I am going to tell them emphatically to go with The Usual Suspects. Yet there are also the directors and the genres that I am “supposed to like” since I am a film fan that I CAN’T DO.  Avant Garde, French New Wave, Merchant-Ivory, Terrance Malick and many others I have watched and decided that time is too short on this planet to waste any more time.  Watching films should not be the equivalent of eating your vegetables, and nothing is longer in life than a three-hour Malick film about nothing but pretty pictures.  Movies is what I do with my free time.  I am not getting paid to do this so why should I suffer?  Give me the junk food that is done well (I still don’t want to see crap, no matter the size and scope) and I will be a happy guy.

The important films will be there waiting for me at the end of the year.  I will go see a lot of them and get excited about their possibility.  I will hope that they move me and make me look at life in a different way.  Until then, let me bask in cars going fast, superheroes saving the day, and glorious explosions.


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  1. What the hell. Jurassic Park is WAY better than Goodfellas.


  2. The one thing Goodfellas was missing was a T-Rex, it is probably what cost it the Oscar.

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