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Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011)

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Transformers: Dark of the Moon again shows that Michael Bay is a pro at the type of movies that he makes.  Say what you will about his films, be it they are loud and/or stupid, there is no denying that he can craft an action scene with as much skill as anyone out there.  The film might be juvenile in parts, about 45 minutes too long and drags in the middle, but the slam bang ending to this film wipes away any problems that I had.

Sam Witwicky (Shia LeBeouf), the hero of the first two films, is now out of college but feeling sorry for himself.  While he is living in Washington D.C. in a huge house with a beautiful girlfriend named Carly (Rosie Huntington-Whiteley) and has a presidential medal for his actions with the Autobots,  he doesn’t feel important enough because he doesn’t have a career.   After some unneeded and painful moments with him starting his new job for an over-the-top John Malkovich as his boss, the movie finally finds a plot to move forward with.

It seems that a very important ship from the robots' home planet had crash-landed on the moon and the US space race of the 60’s was all about reaching the ship and the technology before the Russians. When Optimus Prime learns of this, he and his Autobots fly to the moon to retrieve the very important packages, Sentinel Prime (voiced by Leonard Nimoy) and his greatest invention, the bridge.  When, surprise surprise, the weapon winds up in the evil Decepticons hands and Sam and his Autobot friends once again have to save the day.

There are too many respected actors in a Transformers film.

They have to save the day in Chicago, and this is where the film really takes off and becomes everything I wanted.  Why did the Decepticons have to go to Chicago and what exactly was the weapon going to do exactly?  I don’t have a clue and don’t care because Bay, the mad genius of mayhem, comes out to play. Quickly, Bay assembles everyone and everything where it needs to be for the action to start and then he, as Russel Crowe would say, unleashes hell. Bay’s films might be expensive but he puts all that money on screen and this film is no different and here he might have created his best set piece to date.

Chicago gets beat up in this film.

The premise is simple, the Decepticons have taken control of Chicago and the military can’t get in.  Carly is stuck at ground zero and Sam is going to get to her no matter what and his only back up is a handful of robots and a few soldiers.  Thanks to the movie being shot specifically in 3-D, Bay had to learn to edit and shoot in a different way.  Gone are the quick cuts and odd shots, replaced by scenes that let you the audience know exactly where all the characters are in relation to each other.  The action might be frantic, loud, and busy, but it is never confusing, something that can’t be said for other bits of action in this franchise.  And boy is the action frantic, loud, and busy.  Explosions reign through the sky, characters are jumping through buildings and out of planes, and bullets are zipping with reckless abandon.  The film earns its blockbuster status in these moments and many of the set pieces during this last hour reminded me why I love summer films.

My favorite part of the film.

A review of something as divisive as Transformers is not going to convince anybody one way or the other to see the film  Everyone already knows if they are going interested or not.  The main question is do YOU want to see a movie where cars go fast, people jump out of planes and buildings regularly, and has explosions too numerous to count.  If your answer is hell yeah, than get to the closest theatre, with the loudest sound and enjoy.   While Bay might not be Shakespeare, I myself would like to think that if Shakespeare were alive today, he would realize that what Hamlet was missing is some big-ass explosions.

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