July 2011 - Can't Stop the Movies
Can't Stop the Movies

Cowboys and Aliens (2011)

As I have gotten older, I've appreciated the western genre more and more.   Something I used to see as a popular form from a past generation, severely outdated and out of touch, I can now see the appeal.   Unfortunately, my desire to see more movies with gunslingers and horses came about 20 years after the movies made any kind of money.  Nowadays to get a western made one has to have some sort of hook. This is too sad because I believe Cowboys and Aliens would have made a very enjoyable movie if they had dropped the aliens from the film.


Tabloid (2011)

Errol Morris is the most damned intriguing documentary filmmaker working today.  It's near-impossible not to have some kind of quizzical reaction watching his films.  This is the man who started off his career recounting the strange journey of a pet cemetery and it's lonely caretakers, and now films a telling of the story that is so perfectly tailored to his sensibilities I salivated at the possibilities for the film.


Pedicab Driver (1989)

Pedicab Driver, originally released on laser disc in 1989, follows the overweight Lo Tung (Sammo Hung) and his lean friends though their struggle to find love and live their lives in peace on the busy streets of Macao.

Pedicab Driver is a movie feels juvenile and clumsy at times, and there are certainly a couple of scenes which do little to advance the plot, and yet, for the patient viewer there are extremely moving and deep characters. At the very least, there are some extremely impressive fight scenes both at the start and end of the film.


Sirens (1993)

Warning: Another one with fowl language. Sorry.

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There's an essential difference between being told something and shown something. I can say the word 'penis' right now, and your mind will know what I'm referencing and you might momentarily be perturbed or even pleased by the thought. If I were to waggle a giant erect cock in your face, telling you to choke it down and enjoy it, your reaction may be a bit different.

Sirens is a film that slaps you in the face with its big erect cock. Sirens also thinks that this is hilarious and that you should be quite grateful for the experience.


Trust (2011)

I broke one of the cardinal rules of film criticism before sitting down to sift through my notes on Trust by pulling up Rottentomatoes and taking a look at the blurbs.  One phrase was distressingly common throughout many of the reviews - "after-school special".  Considering that the heart of Trust deals with the way its heroine comes to cope with her own statutory rape, it seemed distressingly clear that too many were willing to reduce the film down to it's barest essentials.