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Inside Out (2011)

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That's HHH.  He's a big wrestler from the WWE.  A few years ago it used to be called the WWF.  He was in this group called Degeneration-X.  Sometimes they told people to suck it.  Never have I so wished the universe of a movie fold in on the actors portraying its characters in the hopes that someone would tell this film to suck it.

No.  There's perhaps some kind of pleasure to be gained there.  Maybe for the movie to which is being sucked.  Or for the possible suckee if they are into pleasing other people.  But this film has no intention to please or to be pleased.  It merely intends to exist, sucking up valuable time out of your life in order to show that gut shots do not actually kill people.

Truly, you can be gut shot and live for hours and barely have any blood loss to show for it.  Or maybe there was a dart gun involved.  Maybe the movie is a lot craftier than I realized.  Perhaps some clever propmaster realized that the film could use some jolt of energy and decided to replace the fake gun with a real blow gun.  In some sense, HHH may be some kind of method acting artiste in the vein of Marlon Brando.   The most likely scenario is that they needed the hero, or antihero, or whatever the hell HHH is supposed to be, alive so that there could be a happy ending.


You know, the kind where the protagonist gets together with the family he's abandoned  and everyone is smiles and sunshine.  Because HHH killed someone and then the mob wants him back in The Game after he gets out of jail.  Or some old guy with a cane wants him.  He looks like he watched too many episodes of The Sopranos and thought "Hey, I could do that" without realizing that a team of writers is needed to generate something threatening.  Tapping a cane is a sign of blindness, not menace.

On the subject of horrible mafia and mob cliches, this is no less than the sixth independent mafia movie I've seen in the last year where someone is accidentally shot.  Confession time, I don't even like Pulp Fiction that much, but just about everyone who is vaguely interested in movies has seen that film and knows the famous shot that all these gangster/mafia/mob/whatever films like to ape.  Can't people stuff more watches up the asses of their main characters or have a dance-off.  No, wait, John Travolta and Uma Thurman tried to do the same thing in Be Cool and that was a horrible idea.


Ok, so originality is out and on the basis of the camera shots in Inside Out there isn't a single chance of the director learning to frame a single goddamned thing correctly.  See that picture of Michael Rappaport?  That's about the best shot of him you're going to get.  Is there a reason for him to be off center the entire fucking film?  I realize that he's a bit "left of center" (hardy har) in relation to his family and friends but that's such a broad visual metaphor that it would call attention to itself as a point of style.  No, I have to go with good ol' fashioned bullshit here.

Oh, and it looks like Parker Posey has pissed off the casting deities by appearing in this film along with Rappaport.  Look, Rappaport is known for slumming it, and it's not exactly like Posey has had the best role choices in recent years, but a direct-to-DVD movie with a wrestler?  She used to be the darling of the indie circuit and now she's scraping the bottom of the barrel I have to wonder if she pissed off a cat loving executive somewhere by starring in Best In Show.

Whatever.  Life's short.  I wrote these thoughts down because this thing exists and I made the mistake of thinking it could be another Tactical Force.

Fuck it.  I'm taking a walk.

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Inside Out (2011)

With more HHH than necessary.

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