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Ten Reasons Film Geeks Will Stick With Netflix

Netflix used to be the film geek's best friend.  It had all the movies you could want, you could rate said movies, and then they sent them to you at a very low cost.

This summer, a 60% rate increase was announced and took some of the sheen off the company.  Many people threatened to cancel their service.  Then, just this week, Netflix apologized for the way they handled the price increase and then decided to make matters worse by splitting the company into two separate entities (streaming and disc through mail) with separate billings and queues.

Again, people ranted and raged and threatened to cancel their service.  Yet the true film nerd knows they will stay with the company. Here's why:

1. Film geeks love ranking stuff.  You see a movie on Netflix, pop it in the mail and go to the sight and give it a rating between 1-5 stars.  It also keeps track of what you have seen and rated so you can go back and check out what you watched and rated in the past.  The only way to make this better is too give us the option of half stars because we geeks like to be REAL concise.

2. You actually get something you want in the mail.  Let's face it, getting stuff in the mail is not much fun anymore.  No one writes letters and the only cards you get (if you're lucky) are on your birthday.  The mail is there to send you bills and junk mail that goes right into the trash, expect when you get Netflix. When you see that red envelope, it's just like Christmas. Have you gotten busy and forgot what was at the top of your queue?  Then there's a surprise waiting for you, and all you have to do is to unwrap it.

3. We're lazy.  Do film geeks really want to drive in a car (that requires showering and putting on clothes), go to a video store and figure out what movie we want to see that day?  No, we do not!  And, to add to the horror, after we watch it, we would have to go to a videostore AGAIN to return it.  We would much rather have the nice mail carriers give us our movies and take them away when we are done.

4. Adding movies continues to be simple.  Film geeks LOVE to get introduced to new films/directors/actors/genres and Netflix makes it easy to find and log all the new movies we are going to try.  Just introduced to Lubitsch?  Search for his name and add all those movies that sound good to you.  Are you in a noir mood? Click on that genre and add all the movies that you possibly could. No need to search out the films in different stores/towns over a period of months, just add them all to the queue in a matter on minutes.

5. No embarrassment.  No one knows what you are watching except you and your DVD player.  You don’t have to explain to the video clerk that you are watching GI Joe ironically.  Just open the envelope in privacy and be one with your shame.

6. It's all about the streaming.  Many people would say that there aren’t many good selections on the Instant Streaming queue and they would be right if you are looking for just the new or popular.  But there are many hidden gems in the piles and piles of DTV movies and weird 70’s British TV shows, from a plethora of Jules Dassin films to some Sturgess and Wilder.  The loss of Criterion movies was a blow earlier this year, but there are still many classic and independent movies worth watching.  It is almost like playing Russian Roulette with the streaming films-- you might get a gem like Timer... or you might get stuck watching Hanger.

7. We don’t like change. Some of us geeks have been with Netflix for years.  We don’t want to change, we don’t like change and we only do it if we are forced to.  Netflix (or whatever they are calling it) will still be around and it is safe.  We will stick with the safe over the new and unknown.

8. So many TV Shows.  As a movie AND TV nerd, I must say there are tons of shows on Instant Streaming that are worth watching.  A small list of complete series on Instant Streaming that everyone should watch: "Friday Night Lights," "Breaking Bad," "Mad Men," "Sons of Anarchy," "Larry Sanders Show," "Arrested Development," "Firefly" (and Serenity), "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," "The X-Files," "Twin Peaks" and "Battlestar Galactica." To name a few.

9. It's still cheaper.  We will be paying around $16 a month if you want both streaming and movies through the mail.  Most will watch a few films a week (especially with the ease of Instant Streaming), and if they were charged for everything watched it would probably be double that cost.  Netflix makes its money on people who hold onto films for days/weeks on end.  Film geeks aren’t these type of people, so by the 15th or so, they've already gotten their money’s worth.

10. The selection, the selection, the selection. The reason I joined Netflix was I wanted to watch "The Wire."  I read critics rave about the show and wanted to see it for myself.  I searched every single store in town and in towns surrounding it to no avail.  My options were limited at that time.  I could either A) pay for HBO and hope to somehow catch up B) buy the very expensive DVD sets and hope it was worth it (it would have been) or C) sign up for Netflix and rent them that way.  I went with C and was very pleased with my decision.

Since then I have watched classics, documentaries, obscure, foreign, overlooked and independent films that I would never have found anywhere else.  Thanks to Netflix, my film-watching repertoire is much greater and I did it with ease.  It's true that Netflix has made some dumb decisions lately and the bill will go up, but thanks to these 10 reasons, all of us geeks will suck it up, pay the extra money and get on with our lives, because the simple truth of the matter is it is still the best and easiest way to get our fix.

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