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Top Ten Tuesdays: Ten Actors That Should Have Been Bigger

I love good movies, but I also love the great actors those movies turn out. It's a shame that some of the best actors of this generation are stuck in routine pictures far from the public eye. Today I'll try and rectify that, with my list of the ten most under appreciated actors and actresses working today. They're still turning out stuff, but they just don't seem to get the laurels they deserve.

10. Guy Pearce- Here is a man that starred in two of my favorite films of the past 20 years (Memento, LA Confidential) and was the lead in a remake that had no right to be as enjoyable as it was (The Count of Monte Cristo) but is still usually, at best, the 3rd biggest star in a film.  Maybe it's because he's only interested in very serious films and doesn’t do much popcorn fare, but he just ain't headlining any $100 million movies in the near future, which is a shame because the man knows how to pick films, is always working and doesn’t bring baggage to the set.  His lot in life is to be a background player in studio films and star in interesting indie films. That isn’t the worst thing to be, but it still sucks.

9. Idris Elba- I could put every actor from The Wire on this list because they are all that damn good, but I will single out Elba. This dude has charisma and sexiness oozing out of every pore.  If it were up to me, I would give him the role of James Bond after Daniel Craig retires--but that would be in a perfect world.  What will probably happen is he will keep being the 3rd or 4th lead in films like Obsessed and Thor and only get to stretch in TV shows like Luther.

8. Eric Bana- Sure, the man has headlined such movies as The Hulk and got to play the villain in the new Star Trek film, but those have been isolated incidents. It's a shame since Bana has it all.  He can play a badass (Hanna), a romantic lead (Time Travelers Wife), and turn in great performances with world-class directors (Black Hawk Down, Munich).  He could have either been a top ten actor or a great action star but so far has sadly fallen short of both.

7. Seth Green- Everybody loves Seth. Everyone cheers up when he shows up in films, but how often does he anchor a film?  When he is the star, how often does the film make any money?  Sadly, those movies are very few and far between.

6. Delroy Lindo- In the mid-90’s Lindo and his quiet, cool but dangerous persona seemed to be everywhere.  Broken Arrow, Get Shorty, Ransom, A Life Less Ordinary; he was a good actor in enjoyable films.  Then he didn’t so much as go away but was seen in less and less.  Thankfully, he got the role that he was born to play in Chicago Code, but unfortunately, it was cancelled after 13 episodes.  Casting and directors, if you are looking for someone to talk quietly but carry a big stick, look no further than my man Lindo.

5. Kevin Corrigan- Does this name not sound familiar to you?  Go to IMDB and quickly look him up.  Yeah, it's that guy.  No matter if you a bigger fan of TV or movies, he has put in interesting performances in both mediums.  In Fringe, The Departed, Community, and Big Fan he has made fascinating works even better.  No one may know his name, but you can’t forget his face. Someday, maybe he can work his way up to the lead of a movie instead of a cameo/guest starring capacity.

4. Sarah Polley- From The Sweet Hereafter to Go to Dawn of the Dead, Sarah Polley brings good looks, class, and wonderful acting to all of her films.  Although she seems quite content to be a big deal in her home country of Canada, Polley could have been what Scarlett Johansson is and more.  Of all the actors on the list however; I am happy how her career has turned out.  If she would have been more successful, she might not have had time to make Away From Her, and that would have been tragic.

3. The Rock- I know that he is now going by Dwayne Johnson, but to me he will always be The Rock.  He will be the man that had millions of people in the palm of his hand while he was on the mic during his WWE days. He will be the man that was the next great hope for action stars because of his charisma, athleticism, and body size.  He started out well making the under-appreciated gem, the action-comedy, The Rundown.  Walking Tall was dumb and fun, as was his role in the forgettable Travolta film Be Cool, and then stuff started going downhill.  Doom was unwatchable, he couldn’t get Spy Hunter off the ground, and then he found a niche as the star if family friendly films, which started out ok (The Game Plan), spiraling down into pretty bad (The Tooth Fairy).  The Rock was supposed to be the biggest and baddest action star around but now more than ever, his movies feature him in tutus WAY too often.  Thankfully, it looks like his career is taking another turn.  Although Faster was a bomb, it was interesting and started him on a path to reclaim his action mantle.  The fact that he was a big part in the huge Fast Five should help greatly.  He is next role is in the sequel to GI Joe and will hopefully be filming Fast Six soon after.  We might still see him reach his true calling in Hollywood.

2. Jennifer Garner- If you haven’t already, go and watch some episodes of JJ Abraham’s wonderful TV series Alias. Ok, are you back?  Now tell me, why didn’t Jennifer Garner become a bigger movie star?  She was gorgeous and could kick ass but still be vulnerable.  It was simple to get involved in the crazy and twisty world of Alias because Garner kept superspy Syndey Bristow grounded in reality.  Other than Daredevil, Garner has been stuck doing bad romantic comedies in films.  All she needs is one director to give her that one special role to blast her into A-list type roles.  I hear she has an in with Ben Affleck, so maybe he can write her a part in his next film to showcase her.  If not Affleck, I think her Alias creator might have a pull to get her into his next film.  Whomever does it, please act fast, she really doesn’t need to be in any more movies like Ghosts of Girlfriends Past.

1. Clive Owen- In a perfect world, this man would be one of the biggest stars around.  He can act (Croupier, Closer, Children of Men), be a badass action star (Sin City, Shoot Em Up), and even be the sexy leading man (Duplicity, Elizabeth: The Golden Age).  I know that if I were casting my movie, Clive Owen would probably be one of the first names I would think of.  Not many men could be the next George Clooney, Russell Crowe, and Daniel Craig at the same time.  Filmmakers seem to like him and critics adore him, so I am begging audiences to start seeing his movies and make him the big star that he is destined to be.

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