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Top Ten Tuesday: The Ten Best Action Movies of the 90’s We Didn’t Review.

If one couldn’t tell by our podcasts and the movies we review, I am the action movie junkie of the site.  So when we were figuring out how we were going to do 90’s-vember, the thought of only doing one action film was hard to take.  While the 90’s wasn’t as good of a decade for action films as the 80’s were, there were quite a number of great action films and some that I think NEED to be mentioned for our action week.  Enjoy ten more action films of the 90's that everyone should watch.

10. Timecop- No, what I am about to say is not an oxymoron, Timecop is a good Jean-Claude Van Damme film.  It had a interesting premise, time-travel that made a good deal of sense, Van Damme finally giving a damn about his performance and Ron Silver chewing the scenery as the villain.  While I probably saw every single Van Damme film that he made in the 90’s, Timecop is one of the select few that I am not embarrassed to admit about today.

Why is it people think in the future berets will be popular?

9. Demolition Man- I could do a top ten list of bad Sylvester Stallone films of the 90’s easily (Oscar and Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot would battle it out for #1) so it is nice to be reminded that the man could still make an enjoyable pic.  Demolition Man is an action film with some nice action scenes (the museum is my favorite) but what makes this film so enjoyable is the comedy and chemistry between the leads.  Sylvester Stallone was fun, Wesley Snipes was a very enjoyable villain, and a young Sandra Bullock was cute and spunky in her role.   This is an action film that people who aren’t action fans can like.

This would win the prize for weirdest action film on the 90's.

8. Total Recall- Arnold owned the 80’s and started out the 90’s in the same fashion.  One of the best Philip K. Dick adaptations (and there have been some BAD ones) and a great action/sci-fi picture to boot is this picture.  Colin Farrel and company, you have your work cut out for you on the remake because other than some outdated effects, Total Recall works as well today as it did 21 years ago.

7. Face/Off-  John Woo is one of the best action directors in the history of film, but his American films have left much to be desired.  Hard Target, Broken Arrow, Mission:Impossible 2, were not his best works.  Yet Face/off works because it is A) an insane premise with over the top action by both Travolta and Cage and B) it was the first movie that they let John Woo break out his Woo-ness ®. This movie had all of this trappings, double fisted gun fights, slow motion action and doves galore.  While the movie might not have the nuance of The Killer, it was a fun and exciting movie with two starts at their primes.

6. True Lies- James Cameron,  I love your action movies and I hope that this isn’t your last hurrah in this genre.  This movie was also the last great film Schwarzenegger made and the only time that Tom Arnold was appealing.  The movie might not be as successful as Avatar or as good as T:2. True Lies is one of the best examples of the 90’s action films adding a bit more humor to the proceedings.  The film also has some amazing action scenes in the film and great chemistry between the whole cast.  If you have forgotten about this film, do yourself a favor and rewatch it; I think you might be surprised at how good the film really was.

John McClane getting out on the town.

5. Die Hard with A Vengeance-  As I will talk about in a minute, 90’s action films were all about Die Hard on a _____. The actual Die Hard franchise bucked this tradition and made a film that was the anti-Die Hard.  The film had John McClaine traveling all over New York City to stop a mad bomber with a vendetta.  Heads above the quality of Die Hard 2: Die Harder, Bruce Willis and Samuel L, Jackson  had great chemistry and Jeremy Irons Simon was only a step behind Alan Rickman’s Hans as a memorable bad guy (this is high praise indeed).  Die Hard with A Vengeance was the movie that showed there was still a lot of juice left in the franchise.

4. Passenger 57, Under Seige, Cliffhanger- Three movies that were the high point of the 90’s Die Hard craze.  Studio execs were all about a simple recipe for the action films in this decade.  Take popular movie actor (Wesley Snipes, Steven Seagal, Stallone) add claustrophobic situation where there is no escape (plane, sub, mountain) with a popular charismatic villain (Tommy Lee Jones, John Lithgow) and stir.  While there were many more examples of this type of films in the 90’s these three were the most enjoyable of the action sub genre.

The face of the 90's action star.

3. The Matrix- One of the best films on this list and a GREAT action film.  This would be higher but feels more of a pre-2000’s film than a 90’s.

2. Terminator 2: Judgment Day- Already have written about my love of this film here:

Jumping buses was a very popular fad in the 90s.

1. Speed- This was a  90’s action film.  It starred popular actor Keanu Reeves, was the coming out party for future American Sweetheart Sandra Bullock and moved at a crazy amped up pace.  It follows all of the staples of the 90’s Die Hard Craze with the characters trapped on a bus because crazy Dennis Hopper wants money.  The film caught lightening in a bottle and could not be duplicated; few action movies have been as enjoyable as this one since although many have tried.

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  1. Is Timecop really The Expendables or is The Expendables so bad it went back in time and remade itself?

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