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A Couple on Kubrick: Just one of those weeks…

The last week has been a fevered nightmare of Theraflu and other medication alchemically combining into a recipe for insanity.  You'd think that would put someone in the mood for some good ol' fashioned Kubrickian intensity, but really it just makes you really tired.  Combine that with a very mild sinus infection on top of the flu, and you have a mood more inclined to watch Cries and Whispers than Dr. Strangelove.

It is with a heavy heart Amanda and I take this week off.  However, my brush with mortality has once again taught me to treasure those who have come before.  Assembled below are a number of interesting sites online for some Kubrick movies we have covered so far, and a few that are coming up in the future.

Plus, it gives me an excuse to put up one of my favorite clips from The Critic yet again.  There's a lot to enjoy and a plethora of well-thought out debate ahead.  Please partake and we'll be back next Friday with A Clockwork Orange.

  • The LAMB (Large Association of Movie Blogs) compiled a wide array of blogs for their Director's Chair series in 2010 focusing on Stanley Kubrick.  The result is scattershot but with many well done pieces compiled over three days.
  • 2001 is not a movie short of differing interpretations ranging from the deeply cynical to the strangely hopeful.  In a detached, clinical form befitting its source material, the New Media Giants analysis of 2001 is a lot more optimistic than mine or at Homages, Ripoffs, and Coincidences (posted earlier this week, now with a sequel).  I like the take, and it does go on for some time, but part of your own enjoyment may come from your tolerance of flash animation.
  • Ebert also did a round-table discussion with fellow critics to take a look at Kubrick's career as well as Eye's Wide Shut.  It was shortly after Siskel's passing, so you won't see that great chemistry, but Ebert strikes some nerves and vice versa.  See parts one and two here.

What about you, any favorite sources of Kubrickian knowledge?

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