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CStP: A week off

Howdy folks, Andrew here.  Life got in the way of us recording our podcast as a full group this week and, apparently, the demand for us all watching Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure was so great we had to make sure it was all fresh in our minds before tackling it.  So look forward to next week when the whole crew looks at my favorite comedy of all time and we struggle with the desire to get slurpies from 7-11.

In the meantime, here are some film and media related links to tide you over into Tuesday.  As always, if you have any suggestions or comments please feel free to utilize the box below, or send an e-mail to cantstopthemovies@gmail.com.

  • The greatest Nicolas Cage quotes of all time have been assembled in one easy to watch Youtube clip.  I've decided my new means of greeting a new associate is to jump up on top of a desk and yell "There you are!"
  • Great work at Homages, Coincidences and Ripoffs does not go unnoticed.  Here's a great post which supports (in a way) my pessimistic reading of 2001.
  • I'm a huge fan of Bela Tarr, and this post explains the way humans are related to livestock.  A simple analogy, yes, but still a one nicely made over the run-time of Satantango.

Got anything else you'd like to share?  No media goes unconsumed here at Can't Stop the Movies (especially if it's related to Mass Effect 3.)

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