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Can't Stop the Movies

New on DVD reviews for the week of 4/3

Posted by Andrew

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  1. Space Dogs Andrew? Why do you do this to yourself?

  2. yeah that is a bit confusing…….there were, like, other movies that came out. It’s not like the people who make those movies care about what other people think of them. They’re probably just hammering out a time tested formula over and over again.

    • This will double as the response to Ryan’s comment as well. The rest of the movies which came out this week looked to be the same kind of horror film I’ve watched repeatedly or just didn’t interest me. I find it a lot more interesting to look at kids films which somehow manage to sneak in more offensive films than their adult counterparts (for example, Beverly Hills Chihuahua).

      Basically, I’m still hoping to replicate the success I had watching Cats and Dogs 2. As bad as this could be, I was also pleasantly surprised by Rio, and unshockingly horrified at something like Alpha and Omega.

      I have a tradition to hold up as the “talking animal” film critic here and, dagnabbit, I’ll try.

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