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The Raid: Redemption (2012)

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March 2017:


MC Of Event- Welcome all action aficionados to the annual hall of fame induction for action film.  This year we are pleased to induct The Raid: Redemption, a movie I know many of you love in your heart of hearts.  We all know the story of The Raid, A SWAT team’s floor-by-floor battle to the death with a local drug lord’s henchman to escape the building they are trapped in.  The Raid was a crowd pleasing, non-stop, pulse pounding and intense film that blew audiences away during its release in 2012.  We all knew the first time we watched this movie that we would all end up here honoring it in this way. Here is why it belongs in the Hall of Fame from some of our special guests.  Our first speaker needs no introduction, Hall of Fame and Oscar winning director James Cameron.

            Cameron- (looking directly at director Gareth Evans) Gareth, let me start out by saying you are a crazy man!  Most directors build up the movie and create an action-packed 3rd act.  You my friend did something different and started the action 15 minutes in and NEVER STOPPED.  The feeling of claustrophobia was almost overwhelming and the frantic action never became too much thanks to your guiding hand.  With how much is going on in this film it still amazes me how audiences never get lost in what is happening.  While characters might be split up, and there are many locations in this building, Evans always made sure audience knew where the characters were at all times.   The action was intense but the build-up was also handed really well.  Shadows moving across a room, the quiet stillness before a fight, or the sound of a very large machete scarping against the floor all helped build the anticipation for what would happen next.  The action did not so much as start but explode from a gun and the audience was ready to go thanks to the awesome buildup. Finally, it takes a brave director to rely heavily on weapons other than guns.  One of the greatest things that this film did was get rid of all but a few guns in the first act.  Guns are too impersonal for a film like this and the movie only really starts cooking when the characters are fighting for their lives using any weapon at their disposal, no matter if that weapon might be a table, knife, window or unconscious body.  This adds an extra layer of rawness to this film and makes the struggle the heroes are dealing seem feel that much more vivid. Once again Gareth, kudos on your film and the honor it is given tonight, we all know you (and it) deserves it.

            MC- Thank you James for those words and being here tonight.  Our next speaker is the one and only Tony Jaa.

            Tony Jaa- Thank you very much for inviting me here tonight.   Many of you know me from my martial arts films such as Ong-Bak or The Protector and I am here to say that with The Raid we were introduced to the next greater fighter in Iko Uwais.  Using the Indonesian Martial Art Silat, Uwais comes across in his fighting scenes as a killer unleashed into this world.  Fast, furious, and always exciting Uwais took The Raid to the next level with both his feet and his acting.  While his action scenes were awesome bits of choregraphy and skill, Uwais did something harder in the film, make the audience like his character of Rama.  The movie has a very light story and characterization is almost nill.  The only thing you really know of Rama is he has a pregnant wife at home that he wants to come home to at the end of the day.  The fact that Uwais gets you to like his character and root for him shows that he has charisma to burn.  With The Raid, Uwais shows that he can be the next big thing in martial arts films but he might also be able to anchor a film that doesn’t solely rely on his fighting skills and action.

            MC- Our final guest for the evening needs no introduction or justification on why he would be here.  The man, the myth, the McClane BRUCE WILLIS!

            Bruce Willis- When this movie came out I heard a lot of people say the best action film since Die Hard.  In the last quarter century since that film has come out  I have heard a lot of talk of films that were gunning to replace Die Hard.  Speed, The Rock, Face/Off and more have been rumored to knock Die Hard off of its perch and some have gotten close but when a person says “action film” Die Hard is still what pops in people’s heads first.  Then comes The Raid and for once the pedestal of best action film got a little crowded.  Then I thought more about The Raid and I realized the two have a lot in common.  They both are claustrophobic films with the hero stuck in a building with no chance of escape. And both have a hero fighting for family on top of trying to survive and both use the setting to craft some spectacular action scenes.   Let me close with this, there isn’t any action fans out there that have not seen this film, no excuses will be tolerated.   A movie like The Raid only comes around every once in a while to give action movie junkies exactly what they wanted and more.  The Raid delivers on all fronts and deserves to be in the action film hall of fame right next to Die Hard, Hard Boiled and Terminator 2. For once believe the hype, The Raid is that damn good.

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