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Street Fight (2005)

For those of you tuning in to read my review of the Juliette Binoche-starring film Elles, I apologize.  A plethora of computer issues, weird playback problems, and recurring blue screen of death prevented me from viewing much more beyond the opening scene.

However, very late into the night, I now come to you folks who are still reading with a request.  Hulu, that often generous provider of television but only recently giving source of films, has a movie that anyone interested in the modern political process needs to see.

The film is Street Fight, directed by Marshall Curry, that details the circumstances behind the 2002 mayoral election of Newark, New Jersey.  The contestants are Cory Booker and Sharpe James, two men who have done a significant good for the public.  But the film, to paraphrase the bard yet again, is not about the good that men do but the legacy they leave behind.  For better or worse, James was a man willing to do everything he needed to in his position to make sure he was secure, and so Booker would be left behind.

Politics has always been nasty, and this film successfully cataloged (what I hope is) the first step of pure idealism into the realm of currently necessary backstabbing and mudslinging.  It's a film I crave discussion on regarding a politician who seems to have been beyond most of the muck but seems to need it.

Here is the film:

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