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Can't Stop the Movies

For the week of 12/18 on Can’t Stop the Movies!

This Tuesday on our podcast Andrew and Ryan slug through a really lackluster 30 for 30 with The Guru of Go.

Two different days with DVD releases this week in time for Christmas, and a bevy of past reviews available to you.

DVD releases 12/18: Jacob laments why we need to remake a movie still as exciting and relevant as Total Recall given the lackluster results of the Colin Farrell version.  Danny found a lot to like in Pitch Perfect, a film that both adapts the mold of and makes fun of the likes of Glee.  For releases this day Andrew will be reviewing the Clint Eastwood-starring Trouble with the Curve, a film that is hopefully devoid of empty chairs (going up 12/19)

DVD releases 12/21: Andrew thought that Premium Rush was the perfect summer film a couple of months too late with a great Michael Shannon performance.  However, despite an inspired performance from Matthew McConaughey, he thought the black-comedy charms of Killer Joe stretched just how much trashy schlock you can take.  For releases this day Andrew will be reviewing Spike Lee's latest film Red Hook Summer.  It is going up 12/20 because the film is currently available to rent on Amazon Prime with the DVD coming the next day.

On Friday Andrew and Kyle are nearing the end of the Kurosawa's career with Kagemusha, the film that really brought Kurosawa back to the public eye after his near-retirement.

This Saturday new releases include Jack Reacher, This is 40 (one film Ryan has been looking forward to a very long time, and The Impossible.  As always we'll review what we can, but Andrew finally caught Silver Linings Playbook (still in theaters) so see you then for the reviews!

On Sunday Ryan and Danny continue their look at Billy Wilder's career after last week's take on the disappointing Spirit of St. Louis.

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