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Can’t Stop the Podcast: The Best and Worst of 2012

 Hello all!  We've been going through a slight restructuring period so we apologize for the delay in our postings.  Ran will go up next week, for now...Possibly the best movie everWe're back to discuss the best and worst films of 2012, but all pales in comparison to what lies before us in 2013.

All hail Michael Bay.  All hail Pain and Gain.

The Prelude
1:35 - Ryan and Andrew froth over the Pain and Gain trailer

The Worst
8:55 - A brief discussion of Andrew's Worst
11:50 - An even briefer discussion of Ryan's Worst (Ryan loved 2012)

Andrew's Best
16:30 - Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2
28:20 - Argo
41:40 - Prometheus
56:30 - Django Unchained
1:24:30 - Bernie

Ryan's Best
22:10 - Chronicle
36:45 - Les Miserables
48:00 - Lincoln
1:10:40 - The Grey and Life of Pi (Ryan finds a great thematic link)

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