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Can't Stop the Movies

For the week of 2/25/2013 on Can’t Stop the Movies! Tuesday:  Jeff rejoins the podcast as he and Andrew work through another dull news-week and talk about The Two Escobars.

New on DVD Wednesday / Thursday: the prestige, if not enthusiasm, goes to The Master.  On Wednesday Andrew is going to give watching Gerard Butler act another go in Chasing Mavericks and Sharon Stone as a "hard-nosed right-wing journalist" in Border Run on Thursday.

Oliver Stone Fridays: Michael Caine had some fun with Oliver Stone in The Hand last week and Stone goes for something more topical with James Woods in Salvador.

This weekend another Korean director lands an American films in theaters this week with the fantastic Chan-Wook Park helming the thriller StokerThe Last Exorcism also gets a questionable sequel and Bryan Singer tries to get us to care about beanstalks again with Jack the Giant Slayer.

Wilder Sundays hit a snag with both Danny and Ryan disappointed by Kiss Me, Stupid last week with two long-term collaborators beginning their relationship this Sunday.

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