For the week of 2/4/2013 on Can't Stop the Movies! - Can't Stop the Movies
Can't Stop the Movies

For the week of 2/4/2013 on Can’t Stop the Movies!

Alex Cross (2012) phallicPodcast Tuesday: Ryan and Jeff wash off that post-Superbowl glow while Andrew beckons them back to the internet to discuss Straight Outta L.A.

New on DVD Wednesday / Thursday: Danny tackled most of the new releases this week and very few impressed with one exception.

That means it's a two-for-one country music star set of reviews for the week as Andrew watches So Undercover with Miley Cyrus and Deadfall with Kris Kristofferson.

Kurosawa Fridays: Andrew and Kyle recorded a special podcast to discuss the latter half of Kurosawa's career and the overall highs, lows, and final impressions.

New in theaters Saturday: The flu may have sidelined Andrew last week, but neither of promise of a Jason Bateman comedy (Identity Thief) or another Charlie Sheen flameout (A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III).

Also make sure to check out the frequently entertaining Billy Wilder analysis from Ryan and Danny which posts Sundays.

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