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To the Can’t Stop readers: it’s time for an update., I am still sidelined with an upper respiratory infection that robbed my ability to do anything other than moan for a few hours.  Ryan and Jeff were also otherwise waylaid by life's little pits and we were unable to record our podcast this week.  Instead of bemoaning our fortune I'll take this as the perfect opportunity to discuss the current state of the website and what's coming down the pipeline over the next few months.

As the regular readers may have noticed, things have become a bit me-centric over the last few months.  This is because Danny, who I started the website with back in 2010, doesn't want to review contemporary films anymore and has been focusing his efforts on the great work he's been doing on Pre-Code films.  If you haven't gotten a chance to check out the new website devoted to those films it updates every Friday ( and shows how he is very much the artistic arm of our collaboration here and a helluva writer to boot.  I love him very much and understand, especially after watching my fourth straight-to-DVD Val Kilmer movie, that it is really hard to maintain both love and interest for contemporary films.  Neither he nor Jacob are going away, especially if there's a Robocop to be discussed in the near-future.

You can see there have been very few changes.  Danny and Ryan are still going to be finishing up their retrospective on Billy Wilder and my own collaboration with Kyle will continue beyond Akira Kurosawa onto a more contentious director.  DVD reviews are still going up twice a week with the podcast and when Ryan or I can make it out to the cinema expect to see those critiques up as well.  The only change I would like to see is the volume of the New In Theaters reviews, but I'm still brainstorming how to best go about those changes and, since I'm still typing through a haze of strong medication, won't be making them too hastily.

There will be eventual site changes to the overall look but that's the extent of the difference for right now.  I'm sorry I haven't been able to write as much as I would have liked, but this still isn't my day job and the site has not made any of us money in the near-three years that we've been open for consumption.  Writing for the site has become an obsession for me because I love to write and so long as there are Nazi movies for me to both thoroughly enjoy and analyze then I'll always keep the site open.  My overall goals for myself are a bit more academically-minded (I really want to analyze the shifting government of Hungary and the cinematic aftershocks) but I'll probably be writing for this site until I'm old and decrepit enough to complain as much as Ingmar Bergman.

There was a time when our average web traffic was barely nine hits a month.  Then Ryan wrote that Tom Selleck review, Danny got people praying for his soul, and our audience skyrocketed.  I'm proud of the little corner of internet film criticism that we've built here with some of our more offbeat articles and I hope to continue that trend onward.  As always, comments and suggestions are more than welcome, and you can either leave them below or send me an e-mail at

Finally, don't ever forget where we got our name from.  I haven't, or forgiven either, but that's another piece for a much more sequin-filled day.

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