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Can't Stop the Movies

For the week of 4/16/2013 on Can’t Stop the Movies! Tuesday Ryan and Andrew talk genre directors, Ryan sets Andrew right after a moment of cynicism, and they try to get interested in the latest 30 for 30 film, Unmatched.

Django Unchained, strong contender for Tarantino's best, comes out on DVD this week.  The slim spring season for other releases continues on with reviews of a Chris Kattan film, Crazy Enough, and the at least entertainingly titled Sexy Evil Genius.

Friday, Oliver Stone wraps up his trilogy of Vietnam films with Heaven and Earth.

The only notable release this weekend comes from the mind of Rob Zombie, whose films have had no middle ground in quality so far, with The Lords of Salem.

Sunday, why don't you relax and realize that even one of the most cynical American directors has some soft spots with Wilder Sundays.  Kyle will also ease you into a new feature starting on Sunday inspired by his viewing of Upstream Color and post-film Q&A with Shane Carruth.

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