Can't Stop the Health Hiatus - Can't Stop the Movies
Can't Stop the Movies

Can’t Stop the Health Hiatus

"The perfect end - to the perfect life."

"The perfect end - to the perfect life." -Duke Phillips-

Hello folks.  As you may have noticed, the update schedule for this week was not as strictly adhere to as normal.  That's because I've had some health problems.  You might think, "Hey faker!  Sickness + bed = writing ahoy!"

Well, no.  It's been a mix of comatose sleeping followed by, when I'm awake, stomach issues and a not-insignificant amount of pain.  I have a history of kidney stones and thought that this was what was causing the problems - I turned out half right.  Apparently I have a very large build-up in lefty which was breaking apart and causing me to be so sick.  On the plus side, I was able to pass what broke apart.  On the minus side, there's plenty of material left to cause me problems.

The normal updating schedule will resume as soon as possible.  For now, keep watching movies!

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