For the week of 6/4/2013 on Can't Stop the Movies! - Can't Stop the Movies
Can't Stop the Movies

For the week of 6/4/2013 on Can’t Stop the Movies!

No podcast this week due to storms and recording issues, but Andrew will be taking the time to introduce his new filler program if these events arise.

New DVDs this week include A Good Day to Die Hard, which is so bad even our resident action junkie Ryan couldn't give it a passing grade.  Look for reviews of Warm Bodies and Identity Theft on Wednesday and Thursday.

Friday, Andrew and Kyle find comfort in Colin Farrell's blonde locks in their ongoing look at Oliver Stone's films with Alexander.

This weekend there will be the first end of the world film to hit the theaters with Anna Kendrick and Craig Robinson in Rapture-Palooza, Joss Whedon tackling Shakespeare with his take on Much Ado About Nothing, and Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn doing their thing with The Internship.

Sunday, why don't you relax and realize that even one of the most cynical American directors has some soft spots with Wilder Sundays.

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