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Cashing in Van Damme currency

7-25-2013AndrewCommentaryBannerShortNot in the way of interesting cinematic news, but I was surprised (in the sense that I shouldn't have been) that Jean-Claude Van Damme's film history is being raided for remakes.  Production for his 1987 and 1990 films Bloodsport and Kickboxer was announced this week.  Van Damme never turned into the joke that, say, Steven Seagal did and his name had a slight resurgence thanks to the Expendables franchise so it at least makes a bit of sense.  Whether this is another step in the direction of Hollywood creative suicide or not remains to be seen, but I'll hold judgment until we know if Bolo Yeung will be back as well.

On a different front, Neil Gaiman (writer extraordinaire - Sandman, American Gods, and much more) is getting into the video game world.  I'm a bit concerned because outside of the comics and novels he has written his work hasn't translated to other mediums very well.  Of the three films his material has been involved with - MirrorMask, Stardust, and Coraline - only the latter worked at all and even then only as decent entertainment.  The concept is ok but seems reminiscent of an off-brand Beetlejuice that doesn't have his usual creative spark.  That said, I've been impressed with the way video games are quickly evolving to challenge player perceptions and using the medium to comment interestingly on society at large, so it will still be something I'll check out.

Tomorrow I revisit Oliver Stone's Savages with Kyle and see if my second impression will be any better than the first.

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