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Can't Stop the Movies

For the week of 7/16/2013 on Can’t Stop the Movies! podcast is taking a hiatus for special occasions and until we have a new feature in place look forward to more DVD reviews during the week.  Horror aficionados should heed Jacob's advice and check out the Evil Dead remake.  Look forward to reviews of the Jackie Robinson biopic 42 this Tuesday and action vehicles for Sylvester Stallone and Aaron Eckhart with Bullet to the Head and Erased on Wednesday and Thursday.

Andrew and Kyle finished up Oliver Stone's feature-length documentaries and will see how the sequel to Wall Street fits into his career this Friday.

A litany of energetic new releases hit the multiplex this weekend, including Red 2, Turbo, and R.I.P.D.

Danny and Ryan still have final thoughts pending for their Billy Wilder retrospective.  In the meantime we're continuing our appreciation series after Andrew displayed his love of Elias Koteas.

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