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In Appreciation – Ken Tucker

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Ken TuckerRyan COMMENTARY w/ RatingNot many critics can make me watch a show I had no interest in with a rave review but you are one of the few.  You are the reason I became a TV junkie many years ago with your yelling praises for Buffy the Vampire Slayer every chance you had.  After many reviews/articles of yours, I decided to check out the show in the 4th season and see what the fuss was all about.  I was instantly hooked on it.  It was witty, fun, tragic, epic and just wonderfully make.  It made me a Whedon fan for life and it also told me to pay attention to your writing from then on out.
Through the years I have read and agreed with you on show like Friday Night Lights, Breaking Bad, The Wire and many more.  My favorite thing about your writing is you always seemed like you WANTED every show you watched to be great.  When there was a show you loved, the joy coming off the page was infectious and your reviews of bad shows were not full of snark and put-downs.  You seemed genuinely disappointed that it wasn’t good and gave the facts.

Your writing has always been very conversational but at the same time very informative that I sometimes felt I was enrolled in the class of Ken Tucker (which is a class I would take right away). This tone works beautifully with the blog you wrote at as well as your twitter page.  I believe your voice has found a perfect outlet on the internet and I hope to see more of your blog type writing in the future.

So once again, thanks for turning me into a TV junkie.  Buffy the Vampire Slayer was my gateway drug and that makes you my dealer.  Without your raves who know if I would have visited Harlan County, had a bunk on the Galatica or rode along with Vic Mackey.  The Golden Age of TV was better because of voices like yours championing the cause.

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