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In Appreciation – Steven Spielberg

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Ryan - Steven SpielbergRyan COMMENTARY w/ RatingWe moved when I turned 13 and lost our video tape with most of our childhood memories on it.  This was a huge blow because I have no video of my childhood but then I get to thinking that I have Steven Spielberg movies and that is the next best thing.

I am a child of the 80’s and your movies made in that decade captured my childhood and the way I behaved so well it is a time capsule of my young days.  Not only movies that you directed like E.T. but also the ones you helped get made like Goonies and Gremlins took the feeling of growing up at this time and somehow saved it directly on film. I now have two kids who don’t know what a Rubix Cube is or understand that MTV used to show music videos like YouTube but I can pop in one of these films and show them what it was like to grow up at that time.

Yet your effect on me wasn’t just that you made wonderful films when I was growing up, you helped me become the HUGE movie fan I am.  The way this happened, and I still remember it to this day, was my dad took me to see a film at our local theater that you did called Hook.  While I had seen many of your other films before like Indiana Jones and Jaws, Hook was the first one that I was not told was a great film but got to experience it myself.  The amount of imagination and wonder I found in that movie and the fact no one told me I was going to love this film made me want to see the movie again and again to capture that feeling over again.  I saw Hook 3 times before I left the theater and that is amazing since my parents usually only took us to the theater maybe 3 times a year. After this movie I was (pardon the pun) hooked on films.

I am now in my 30’s and have seen all of your movies many times as well as thousand other films and I am starting to work on the next generation of movie fans by showing my 3 and 6-year-old daughter's my favorite films.  Of course one of the films I put on first was E.T. to experience the magic of that film light up their faces.   I just want to say thank you for making these movies that were so damn fun to watch and always trying to do something new and exciting.  There are not many days I get more excited for in my movie going life than the day I get to see a new Spielberg film.  Here are to many more years of good times and great movies ahead.

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