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Pop culture torture coming this fall

7-29-2013 newsAndrewCommentaryBannerShortAs a prelude to today's only piece of interesting news - I hate Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer.  Very few directors have earned that level of malice, not the incompetence of Uwe Boll or Tom Six's Human Centipede series (though if the third is as bad as the second, that may change).  Their films are comedies laced with hate where the punchline is, "If you like it, we'll hurt it."  Simple violence isn't enough, they basically make a list of things that are popular over a two year span then throw debris at it.  Disaster Movie is one of the few films I completely broke while watching.  I was bored and angry until the rip on Alvin and the Chipmunks.  Then I laughed until I nearly cried because of how awful it was, giggling maniacally until the scene was finally over, amazed that anyone would find a pregnant woman being torn apart by chipmunks funny.

They're returning to theaters this fall with a parody of The Hunger Games called The Starving Games.  That title is indicative of the same level of effort that they put into making their films.  Now that we know the title, I wonder what has been popular enough over the last two years to warrant getting a passing mention in the film and getting hit.  The series hasn't gone into child abuse territory too often, so I'm sure we'll see Honey Boo Boo fall into an open-pit or performing on stage and hit by a light.  The Avengers finally came out as well, so instead of hitting superheroes individually making a whole herd of buffalo will squash the group!  That Gotye song was popular too, maybe the set will fall on him?

Feel free to make your best guess, because chances are it'll make it into the film.

Tomorrow I'll be back with my review of Black Rock, a thriller directed by Katie Aselton (The League).

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