PT Anderson directs Fiona Apple - Can't Stop the Movies
Can't Stop the Movies

PT Anderson directs Fiona Apple


First, watch the music video for "Hot Knife", then join me after the jump for some thoughts.

PT Anderson and Fiona Apple are two artists that can do no wrong even if I'm a bit cold to the results.  I was incredibly impressed by the results.  Anderson has a way of assembling pieces of cinematic past in a way that feels fresh and at times alien.  The initial solo performance from Apple and the black and white photography reminded me of the similarly lonely parts of Sinead O'Connor's video for "Nothing Compares 2 U".  But the piece takes on an aggressive edge as Apple's sister joins in and begins directing that aggression straight at each other literally in the visuals and in the excellent vocal harmonizing.  The trio create some exquisite alchemy here.

The only other interesting bit of news today has to do with a potential Rocky sequel that focuses on Apollo Creed.  The whole series has ranged from excellent to great entertainment with only the fifth film being a true stumble.  I'm excited because Michael B. Jordan is in talks to star as Creed's grandson.  Longtime listeners of the podcast will know that Ryan and I are huge fans of Friday Night Lights and The Wire with Jordan's performances in each being pivotal to the resonance those shows still carry.  With the buzz Fruitvale Station is generating (which I'll be reviewing this Saturday) I hope that Jordan has a meteoric rise ahead of him.

Paul Walker steps outside the Fast and Furious franchise for another automotive-based thriller in Vehicle 19 for tomorrow's review.

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