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The lost episode of The Office directed by Lars von Trier

7-26-2013AndrewCommentaryBannerShortAnother scene teaser for Lars von Trier's Nymphomaniac was released and I still have no idea what to make of it.  It's been previously announced that the film is going to be in two parts, feature Shia LaBeouf's penis, then not feature Shia LaBeouf's penis, then with his penis blurred out.  Performers have been noted as being scared to work with the man which, to be honest, is pretty much par for the course.  It's got Charlotte Gainsbourg working with Trier again, detailing her character's sexual life from start to finish, hopefully not skipping out on what happened in Antichrist.

Now there's this teaser, which seems more like the cast of The Office came into work during a derecho and filmed a scene on depressants.  Aside from Melancholia, which was still excellent, none of Trier's films have been at all what I was expecting.  Now with LaBeouf doing a dark side Michael Scott I'm even more excited about what the results are going to look like.

In inspiring, if still a bit grim, news co-creator of The Simpsons Sam Simon revealed that he only has a few months left to live due to terminal cancer.  But he is going out in a grand way, doing his best to give away his entire fortune on his ongoing ventures for stray animals and programs to feed the needy.  Considering the constantly growing gap between those who have little and those whose profits increase unnecessarily this is an incredibly noble act.  He's facing down oblivion with a great sense of humor and a huge heart, both things we can all take great comfort in.

Finally, building in the ongoing tradition of pointless remakes, The Butterfly Effect franchise is getting rebooted.  Why?  Great question, but I'm still puzzling over how the original managed to spin-off into a trilogy.  The original was a passable, on its own terms, film that took the wrong ideas from Donnie Darko (badly implemented sci-fi elements and characters looking sad while depressing pop plays) and spun it out into a vehicle to show that Ashton Kutcher could act.  Fun fact: Kyle and I worked at a movie theater together for several years and for months after the mere mention of the film would send him into a rage.  I don't encourage checking out the original to find out for yourself, so let's all just wait for the reboot and see if they'll get it right this time.

New movie reviews tomorrow and our weekly "In Appreciation" on Sunday.  Have a great weekend!

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