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This Is the End (2013)

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It's an apocalypse trio weekend here at Can't Stop the Movies with World War Z, This Is the End, and Pacific Rim.

Appropriately scaredRyan // LIKE BannerAfter seeing Brad Pitt saved the world it was time to see if Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill and James Franco (all playing themselves) could make it to the end of days together in This Is the End.  To know if you would like this film all you have to do is ask yourself would you like to hang out with the actors for an evening.  If you say yes, you will dig this film.  If you would find this torturous, the movie probably would not be your cup of tea.

Seth Rogen and Jay Baruchel play Seth and Jay, famous movie actors from the Apatow factory who have grown apart.  Jay doesn’t like Seth and his “Hollywood ways” and when they end up at a Hollywood party at James Franco’s house, this is hell on earth to Jay, until hell actually comes to earth.  From here on out I am going to dig into the movie a little more so I will throw up a SPOILER ALERT from here on out.

I am impressed that Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg went all out and made this film the biblical apocalypse.  This Is the End had Heaven, Hell, Satan, The Rapture along with more Biblical shenanigans and I would never have guessed that this group would do something like this.  The movie is also a really sharp poke at celebrity culture and all the actors are very game to make fun of their image.

Leave to McBride to lead the ego brigade at the Apocalypse.

Leave to McBride to lead the ego brigade at the Apocalypse.

In the film, no one believes Jay that it is the rapture because none of them were taken to Heaven.  It is only when the world opens up in front of them and people like Michael Cera, Rhianna and Martin Starr are thrown into Helldo the survivors (Franco, Craig Robinson, Hill, Rogen) believe that something is up.  I find this really telling that all their friends don’t get a free pass to Heaven and most of them end up in Hell.  I think this plot point alone tells you what the creators of the movie think of celebrity culture and the Hollywood lifestyle very clearly.

But don’t make a mistake, this movie isn’t a deep or depressing movie, it is actually the funniest film I have seen this year.  The premise of these 6 people (Danny McBride shows up later) stuck in a house with each other while the end of days rages on outside is hilarious.  The funniest part of the trailer is when they are all fighting over a Milky Way bar and that is the way most of the film plays the humor.  No one is above making fun of themselves and their friends but the funniest ones have to be Franco and his obsession with Rogen, Hill bringing up his Oscar nomination and the reveal of where McBride ends up (with it the funniest cameo this year).

No on shies away from the apocalypse and each actor has a moment to really shine.  This Is the End walks a tightrope beautifully between the mundane of what is going on inside the house and the implication of what it means that they are still on the earth.

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Tail - This Is the EndThis Is the End (2013)

Screenplay written and directed by Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen.
Starring an ensemble cast featuring James Franco, Jay Baruchel, Rhianna, and many more.

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