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World War Z (2013)

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It's an apocalypse trio weekend here at Can't Stop the Movies with World War Z, This Is the End, and Pacific Rim.

SwarmRyan // LIKE BannerI'm a huge fan of the book and have been looking forward to this adaptation of World War Z.  Thanks to fast-moving zombies that have a hive-like mentality, our way of life is in serious jeopardy and the world is falling apart quickly. Thankfully we have Brad Pitt as an ace up our sleeve to save all of us.

With World War Z, my enjoyment came from me realizing the only thing this movie would have in common with the wonderful book it was “based” on was they both involved zombies.  Once I accepted I would not be seeing some of the awesome moments of the novel I was ready to see if World War Z was good on its own.  I would call this film the perfect “cable movie” as in a movie you watch and enjoy and then completely forget about it until you see it on cable.  Then when you stumble upon it on TNT and FX you remember it was enjoyable and sucked into watching it all over again.

Even in the colors of hell Pitt and his shock of hair keep their cool reassurance.

Even in the colors of hell Pitt and his shock of hair keep their cool reassurance.

Although Brad Pitt’s character is very two-dimensional he gives it his all and overcomes his paper-thin motivation and development.  The movie is also epic in scope and is bigger than typical zombie films.  Thanks to a huge budget the movie doesn’t trap the viewer into one or two locations with zombies (like a mall or a house, pub etc…) and instead shows the fall of major US and world cities like I have never seen before. Director Marc Forster is never one that I have typically cared for and I HATE his jerky, hyper-edited way of shooting action scenes and in close quarter scenes in this movie he falls into the same traps, but when he lets the shot breathe and we see devastation on a bigger scale it is a better film.

The elephant in the room for this movie was the highly publicized redone third act and it is clear where the movie was cut and pieced back together again.  For the first two acts the audience is bombarded with huge set piece after set piece and it was nice to see the third act become much more intimate in scale.  After a mid-air zombie attack the movie finds itself in a small medical facility where Pitt and a small bit of survivors have to sneak around zombie-plagued hallways to research a possible “cure.”  The tension based ending was a good contrast to the 1st Act with the frantic set pieces and the two extremes counter each other well in the end.

World War Z was a surprise for me since I would have never guessed I would have enjoyed this film. While it is not perfect it is a perfectly enjoyable summer popcorn film.

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World War Z - TitleWorld War Z (2013)

Directed by Marc Forster.
Screenplay written by Matthew Michael Carnahan, Drew Goddard, and Damon Lindelof.
Starring Brad Pitt.

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