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A day of unusual decisions and comments.

8-22-2013AndrewCommentaryBannerShortYeah, I'll get to that news.  But first, some interviews.

The most questionable comes from Joss Whedon, who observes that The Empire Strikes Back does not have an ending and this is a cardinal sin.  Normally, this would be an interesting place to start conversation about how we digest and contextualize event films, especially when they are presented as episodes of a whole in advance.  But this is the man who managed to somehow make one of the major event films of the last ten years into a bland pose-a-thon that ultimately serves as a trailer for the next, bigger, better (we promise this time) event film.  He's a genius creator, quite capable of making a great movie, but tosses in an unnecessary jab at French cinema because why not?  It's an odd read, not quite hypocritical, but also steeped in sarcasm a bit meaner than I'm used to from him.

James Cameron steps up next with his proclamation that all forms of entertainment will be 3D in the future.  It's broad, and one not supported by box office receipts or critiques of 3D in general, but one befitting someone who creates great sci-fi so often.  Thinking about the idea across different forms of media, it echoes some of the same sentiment that David Cage shared when he said that video games will become better art because the technology is getting better.  The intersection of technology and art is an interesting one, and while I'm sure we'll get those hologram players at some point in the future, I doubt all entertainment will be in those hollow projections.

Then there's Brian De Palma on his new film Passion.  I ran the full gamut of emotions as he responded to each of interviewer Calum Marsh's questions.  I initially felt some sympathy as the questions seemed without direction, then a bit put off at how dismissive he becomes, enjoyed the commentary about digital cinema and it's presentation, then ending on a note of total disgust.  It's the last in a trio of curious interviews today.

Finally, if you dared skip the link in the beginning, Zack Snyder cast Ben Affleck as Batman for the Man of Steel follow-up.  I'm sure reactions to this are going to be mixed, but I'm all for it.  Affleck's a charming guy and I enjoyed his work in Daredevil when, heck, one of the criticisms I have for the movie is that it feels like Batman-lite sometimes.  He's already got practice!

I'll be back tomorrow with Kyle and continuing our look at Andrei Tarkovsky's films and Ivan's Childhood.

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