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Bruce Willis states the obvious.

8-14-2013AndrewCommentaryBannerShortIn the next phase of a competition to who can out-curmudgeon Harrison Ford, Bruce Willis got cantankerous during an interview and among other things said that he's bored of doing action films.  This is probably the strongest early contender for the most obvious statement of the years.  The man has still done excellent films in the last ten years or so, chief among them Sin City and Looper.  But with every iteration of the Die Hard series or token appearance in everyone's favorite throwback to the '80s his eyes seem to go dim a bit more.

This, of course, isn't stopping him from appearing in the film-adaptation of the video-game Kane & Lynch but who's to say he has to practice what he's preaching?  Maybe one day he'll get to tour with The Drifters just like he's always wanted.

I also watched the trailer for John Turturro's latest film Fading Gigolo.  Turturro continues to be a lovely performer, but I'm not quite sold on the film just yet.  Woody Allen costars and takes up most of the trailer doing his usual schtick and the plot involving Turturro becoming a gigolo doesn't fill me with confidence, especially since Turturro starred in one of the worst films ever with a similar plot.  Still, Turturro also turned an unlikely premise into a film of uncommon magic, so here's to hoping he's able to pull out some of that same charm again.

My favorite news has nothing to do with movies.  Breaking Bad is wrapping within the next few weeks after its fifth season.  I watched the second-half season premier this Sunday with my usual mix of intense concentration and sickness (Hank's breakdown almost made me throw up) and was a bit thrown off by the dedication at the end.  Turns out the dedication was to a boy who took great inspiration in the way Walter While grabbed control of his life after his cancer diagnosis.  The boy, Kevin Cordasco, got to meet the cast and creator, Vince Gilligan, and even turned down the opportunity to hear how it's going to end because he wanted to find out for himself.  Even though the story had a sad ending, Gilligan and crew, including the increasingly wonderful Bryan Cranston, made me very happy with the lengths that they were willing to go to for that devoted fan.

I'll be back tomorrow morning with my review of Robert Redford's political thriller, The Company You Keep.

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