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Clowns and Nazis, at last!

8-12-2013AndrewCommentaryBannerShortThis isn't as pivotal as the full cut of The Passion of Joan of Arc being found in an insane asylum, but today's news includes an incredible find.

Jerry Lewis' The Day the Clown Cried is a piece of legendary film making that we may never be able to watch.  I'd like to add that the may is tentative since Jerry Lewis is still alive and there's a healthy dose of curiosity over how bad the film is, so his estate may plunder it after he's gone.  Before this gets too ghoulish, I should explain that The Day the Clown Cried is known as the pinnacle of misguided film making.  Only a handful of people have seen it, but I can't imagine "Niiiice laaaaady" Lewis able to elevate a film about a clown in a holocaust camp who comforts kids on their way to the gas chamber.  The mere idea produces such a unique emotion in me that I'm sure the film proper would take my feelings into even more uncomfortable terrain.

Now footage from the film has been uploaded to Youtube and my emotions are somehow more confused than I anticipated.  Watching Jerry Lewis hamming it up with those faces trying to light a cigarette while we know that in Holocaust camps people were getting shoved at gunpoint into ovens is as terrible as it is hilariously misconceived.  The closest analogue I can think of is this video for a traditional mime performing a piece on 9/11, it's earnest as hell but the medium in which it's presented twists it into area where I'm fighting desperately against the urge to laugh.  Bless them all for trying, and I do hope we can see the full Lewis film at some point before we go off into the great unknown.

Nothing much else of interest today, and Olympus Has Fallen won the four-way tossup for the first review of the week.  Look for that Tuesday.

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