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Fantasy personals: Mister Nanny seeks Nordic God.

8-20-2013AndrewCommentaryBannerShortThe Hulkamaniac himself has given Chris Hemsworth his blessing to play the one Real American in a biopic that Hogan assures us all is being worked on.  This is an awesome idea.

First, the backstage shenanigans of professional wrestling / entertainment has already made excellent fodder for documentaries and dramas - just see Beyond the Mat or The Wrestler.  Second, Hulk Hogan has been the centerpiece for a number of interesting scandals that blur the line of fact, fiction, business, personal vendettas, and given the right kind of creative force could be an interesting look at what audiences ask for their entertainment.  Finally, Chris Hemsworth could use the acting exercise.  Hulk Hogan is a charismatic presence and it would be nice to see if Hemsworth can do something beyond standing around stoically (his work in Cabin in the Woods was nice, but not exactly a stretch).

In sadder news, Elmore Leonard died.  Even though that's clearly what he's most famous for, it's impossible to be a real cinephile and not encounter one of the many excellent movies his words brought life to.  Jackie Brown, Out of Sight, Get Short3:10 to Yuma.  All from ambitious directors looking for a challenge.  My heart will always go to the television adaptation of his short story "Fire in the Hole", an excellent piece, which resulted in the nearly perfect Justified (even if Elmore thought Olyphant's Givens wore the hat too much).   His work and legacy secured, I hope his family and friends are taking comfort in how much influence and art his words have brought to the world.

To end on a fun note with just a touch of melancholy, a wonderful interview featuring Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, and George Lucas hosted by the departed Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert was found and uploaded to Youtube (I love the fast-forwarding during the commercials).  While I'm still sad to think of their passing, their curiosity and joy at getting to interview their favorite directors is still an absolute delight.  My favorite moment is that little twinkle that Ebert gets in his eyes when he asks Lucas what's next for the universe he created.

Tomorrow is my review of the animated film Epic.

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