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Hunger Games Camp and Other Bad Ideas

Hunger Games Ryan COMMENTARY w/ RatingHello Can't Stoppers!  Ryan here while Andrew is recuperating today.  The news that has blown up the internet  in the last day has been the very curious decision of a Largo, Florida camp running a Hunger Games themed tournament.  Much like the popular book and movie series, the tournament would pit each contestant into a battle to the death.  Since Florida hasn't (yet) turned into a state where kids are allowed to kill each other for sport, the kills are awarded by pulling a flag off another person's belt and the winner is the one with the most "lives" at the end of the tournament.

Not surprising, this did not go over well with parents or other adults who don't want their precious children pretending to kill each other all week. More troubling still was how quickly the kids got wrapped up in the festivities and started talking about how they would stab each other and other various ways to harm and maim one another.  Although the camp tried to do a 180 during the week and turn the killing into "team building", the damage was already done.  In honor of this awful decision, here are five other equally bad pop-culture themed ideas that someone should bankroll right now.

5. Soylent Green Restaurant-  The place has great burgers and meat, just don't ask what the secret ingredient is.

4. Poseidon Adventure Cruises- A regular cruise where everything is "turned upside down" CRAZY TIMES AHEAD!

3. Cabin in the Woods getaway- Want a romantic getaway?  Come to our rustic cabin far away from everything and experience togetherness as you fight off waves of masked killers, zombies, demons and more.  (Ok I lied, I actually like this idea, look for the kickstarter soon!)

2. Unforgiven Dude Ranch- Did you miss the deeper meanings of this movie and just thought it was cool when Clint killed all those sum bitches?  Then we have the place for you, learn how to shoot, quick draw and glower like Clint during the day and take you talents to our obstacle course at night.  The person with the best score each night will win a T-Bone steak at our Outlaw Josey Wales steakhouse.

1. Oldboy daddy-daughter dances-  Wow, I feel I went too far with that one!

In other news the creative team behind The Lone Ranger have decided to blame critics for the $190 million loss that Disney is taking on the film.  While talking to Yahoo UK, Johnny Depp, Armie Hammer, director Gore Verbinski and producer Jerry Bruckheimer stated that the critics were sharpening the knives for the film before it was even shot and ultimately doomed the films box office chance. While I agree to a point that many articles were written about the movies troubled production costs and other "bad press" I don't think bad reviews hurt the movie or were done viciously.  I did not see the movie and can not discuss the qualities of the film but I CAN say I didn't see the film for the sole reason that the previews made it look terrible.  It had nothing to do with the articles or critics but the sheer fact that nothing I saw from the film made it look like something I would be remotely interested in.  Also, to further hurt their argument that bad press=doomed box office let me point out that World War Z, which had just as much bad buzz before the film was reviewed pretty positively and has made nearly $500 million worldwide this summer.

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