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In Appreciation – John Lasseter

Ryan - John LasseterRyan COMMENTARY w/o RatingDear John,

I have seen thousands of movies and not many of them left such an impression that almost 20 years later I can remember not only where I was but also how I felt as I watched it.  Yet that happened to me in late November 1995.  At this time I was 14 years old and should have been “too cool” to watch cartoons but something about this Toy Story movie really spoke to me.  I couldn’t see it the first day it was out because my friends thought the  Johnny Depp movie Nick of Time would be the best movie ever (how silly we were) but I did convince a couple of people to see the cartoon with me the next day. While we all enjoyed it, I went a stop further with it and LOVED every moment of the film.

The scene where the army men are spying on the party and through the rest of the film, I had a fluttering in my stomach like I just saw the most beautiful girl in the world.  I knew that Toy Story was something special but I couldn’t believe how well the directing, visuals, writing and voice acting came together to make one of the most enjoyable 90 minutes I have ever had in a theater.

I looked at who made the film and put down to memory your name because I knew this John Lasseter guy was someone that would be worthwhile to follow.  Little did I know how much your movies would mean to me and how often cartoons could make me cry.  Pixar isn’t a studio to me but a place that taps directly into my head and heart and make movies directly for ME.  I have seen the grosses on the films and reviews and know the movies aren’t just for me but the movies you are your company have made are so well done it does feel more personal than most.

I wanted to write and thank you for never becoming cynical, never taking the easy way out, always writing with your heart on your sleeve and for making films that I enjoyed when I was a teenager and can enjoy now with my two daughters.  Pixar was the first animated studio to break out from being “for kids” to something we all enjoy and feel.  I can proudly say that I have shed tears in Finding Nemo, Toy Story 2, Toy Story 3, Monsters Inc and Up and always know/dread that by the end of a Pixar film my unmanly sobs might be heard throughout the theater but hope you never change.

Thank you John, for all you have done and all that you will do to make movie going that much more magical.

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