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JJ Abrams pulls another enigmatic card.

8-19-2013AndrewCommentaryBannerShortJ.J. Abrams, one-time Armageddon screenwriter who has been entrusted with the heart of now three different franchises in his rise, and his production company, the wonderfully named Bad Robot, have emerged from their think tank with another teaser about something.

Feel free to speculate wildly about what that something is.  There's an abundance of water and the plinking piano that accompanies this pair of nervous hands fumbling through the dark while a calm and reassuring voice waxes poetically over the soundtrack.  Then, something else shows up, and given the look on the face of the sudden arrival he seems much more pleased with his physical state of affairs than he probably should.  Check it out for yourself and see if we're in for another fake-out homage to childhood pleasures like with Super 8, or if we're being toyed into thinking that The Village could be made properly this time.

Something else posted from the Criterion website that gave me some light amusement is David Lynch giving a quick sample of some directors and films that he loves.  A few are very obvious, like Stanley Kubrick, some a little less, like Billy Wilder, but the gentle comedy of Jacques Tati, specifically M. Hulot's Holiday, was both a surprise and an, "Of course!" moment.  I love Lynch's little spiels, alone in a booth surrounded by nothingness, with only an imaginary audience and his microphone to keep him company.

Tomorrow I'll be dropping the review of Rapture-Palooza, starring Anna Kendrick and Craig Robinson, and penned by none other than Chris Matheson, writer of the greatest comedy ever.

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