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The British are teasing! The British are teasing!

8-5-2013AndrewCommentaryBannerShortLittle film-based news, but two excellent teasers of what's to come from Britain debuted over the weekend.  The first we have little information regarding, and that's Series 3 of Sherlock.  The re-imagining has been a huge success so far and is what first brought the magnificent Benedict Cumberbatch to my attention.  So we have the titles of the three episodes to come, and that Martin Freeman has decided to grow a delightful little mustache in honor of popular Dr. Watson imagery.  It's the barest of teases to stoke the fire, but I'm such a huge fan of the series that any hint of what's to come works for me.

Another bit of news is something I'm excited for.  I'm not as big a fan of Doctor Who as many of my friends.  That said, I still dressed up as the David Tennant Doctor for Halloween two years ago and my favorite of the latest batch is Christopher Eccleston.  I just haven't been as interested in the series since Matt Smith took over.  He makes a fantastic Doctor, but the show became too bombastic for its own good and it got to the point where I was worn down by the sheer volume, both is scope and audio heft, of each episode instead of having my curiosity stoked for the future.

The casting decision for the Twelfth Doctor was announced and I am incredibly pleased at the potential of the decision.  Peter Capaldi, best known for his brilliant work as Malcolm Tucker in The Thick of It and In the Loop, will be taking over for the departing Matt Smith when he leaves after this year's Christmas special.  I adore Peter Capaldi, and it looks like he is relishing the opportunity to play The Doctor.  His look suits the history and I'm glad that they are going with an older man to take the reins this time around.  His wonderful grin reminds me of Tom Baker, and given his penchant for intimidation will fit right in with the darker moments of the series.  I'll have to get caught up in time for Christmas, but I'm excited to see what direction they'll take the show in with Capaldi in the lead.

Tomorrow we'll have the review of Jeff Nichols' Mud.

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