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Trailer roundup starring Javier Bardem’s magic hair

8-8-2013AndrewCommentaryBannerShortTake a moment to luxuriate in that hairstyle.

Now that the moment is complete, let's talk about the film it appears in as it is the most interesting part so far.  It's called The Counselor, directed by Ridley Scott from a script penned by the great Cormac McCarthy.  I've been pleased with the way all adaptations of McCarthy's work have gone so far but I'm at a bit of a loss to this.  It looks to be a simple tale of corruption with Michael Fassbender's goodie goodie lawyer getting drawn into Bardem's madness.  Penelope Cruz and Cameron Diaz are on hand to color code their respective good and bad spouses with white and black dresses.  A lot of great talent is going into the project, I just hope it grows more interesting than that hairstyle.

More promising is Spike Jonze's next film Her.  It's a science-fiction tale of a lonely man falling in love with an artificial intelligence program.  The concept seems right in Jonze's wheelhouse as he also penned the script.  Most promising is Joaquin Phoenix as the lonely man, who is continuing his streak of challenging performances that he took on since he was done with his year long rapping stint.

Of the final two trailers neither look impressive.  There's CBGB, directed by Randall Miller, about the club that helped give rise to bands like The Ramones, The Police, Blondie, and many more.  The problem is that all the blurbs accompanying the trailer are about how risky and dangerous the club was when this trailer indicates anything but.  Sure, a hung-over Alan Rickman is something I like to watch, but everything else is just a bit too pristine.  I'm not confident that the director of H-E Double Hockey Sticks and the Sinbad vehicle Houseguest is capable of putting an edge on the material that suits the music.

Finally is George Clooney's next director project with The Monuments Men.  It features Matt Damon returning to World War II as part of an elite group who will go behind enemy lines to find out which bits of priceless art should not be blown up by the encroaching American forces.  I dig the concept, but less the flat jokes delivered by a normally game John Goodman.

Tomorrow Kyle and I will announce our next director project.  Tune in, and keep watching movies!

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